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A 26-year-old tutor with big breasts and a neat personality is p


A 26-year-old tutor with big breasts and a neat personality is p
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A 26-year-old private tutor is attempting her first POV shoot.

She is a mature woman with long black hair and a calm demeanor.

She teaches English as a private tutor and studied abroad in the United States as a student.

Her first sexual experience was when she was studying abroad in the United States, and the partner was a foreigner.

The partner's penis was large, and she felt like it was a foreign object entering her the first time, but after the second time, it felt good.

Since returning to Japan, she has been enjoying sex with Japanese people, and has had sex with about 10 people.

She currently has a boyfriend, but applied because she wanted to have sex with an AV actor.

She loves sex, so she was looking forward to this shoot.

Even when she is clothed, her breasts are obvious as big as F cups.
When he puts his hand inside her bra and touches her nipples, she gets excited and her body twitches.
When he licks her nipples, she seems to be feeling it so much that she loses strength in her body.

Her clitoris seems to be sensitive, and when he touches her over her panties, her hips move.
When he pushes her panties aside, her pussy is shaved and already soaking wet.

When she is licked, her moans get louder and her body convulses as she is about to cum.
When she is fingered, her body twitches and she moans, and she writhes in agony as she is attacked on her clitoris, G-spot, and nipples.

When she is penetrated in the missionary position and penetrated deep inside, she moans and says, "This feels so good."
When she is penetrated hard, she cums while shaking her F-cup breasts.

She is penetrated deep in the side position, doggy style, and reverse cowgirl position, and she reaches a climax and convulses.
At the end, she is penetrated hard again in the missionary position and a large amount of cum is ejaculated into her big breasts.
You must see her love sex and her highly sensitive body being penetrated hard and cumming repeatedly as she moans.

Positions: Missionary position → Side position → Doggy style → Reverse cowgirl position → Missionary position (breast shot)

Time: 62 minutes mp4

*The performers are over 18 years old and have given their consent to be filmed.

【Tags】 Amateur Big Tits F Cup Neat and Clean Private Tutor Gonzo
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