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Individual shooting video outflow of retired teacher who receive SALE


Individual shooting video outflow of retired teacher who receive
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[... Painful. I'm me to the game out really? ]

Videos outflow Valley section adviser of a certain school of Kanagawa Prefecture, which has been arrested for a lewd act in the student had taken

Police said, the original teacher A is,
As did a lewd act in April this year, in the room of the apartment of home, such as touching the body of the female students of the second year of club activities that have an advisor, no probation on suspicion of Kanagawa Prefecture Seishonenhogoikuseijorei violation I received a prison sentence of two months imprisonment of four years.

It is a deep-ass video was top secret get acquainted via had taken.
I was in possession of a collection purposes, but will be published only a short period of time for a reason.

Full contents]

WMV video 26:09

● stretch uniforms
● body touch with muscle training
● chest fir
● hand man
● Blow called a toss practice
● Insert

It is a vicious crime that uses the dream of a girl want to leave the game.
It would have been doing is said to be even and give proper individual lessons to counsel.

For the girl you've been doing in plain clothes
Instructed to change into uni-farm immediately

It is a change of clothes on the spot while turning the camera.

While also embarrassed, and change clothes immediately
I was in a perfect state by the muscle training and warm-up, such as a stretch.

Practice everyday and indifferently practice and receive and toss with the ball, but goes on to ... Then.
It will be violated by being Ikurume eventually.

I have patience and believe the game is out girl even if it is fucked.
It is not as bulky and if you did go out of the game after this action,
Had complained of damage so this child, you will did not get out ....

※ It becomes the original video of the exhibitor. Reprint, resale is strictly prohibited.
※ person who appeared in the video is confirmed that they are 18 years of age or older with ID card.
※ I comply with the law, the contract.
※ description is all fiction, including the age.

【Tags】 Compensated dating deep river girl black hair a preeminent style Skirt drooling mouth Berochu fir chest back
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