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Sexual feeling check & masturbation   Yuki 43 years old


Sexual feeling check & masturbation   Yuki 43 years old
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The moment of ascension is like a hyperventilate mouth, the body stretches legs 43-year-old milf
If you check the milf of the generalized tendency with sensuality, it is amazing! Love fluid, tears from eyes!

Yuki (43 years old) 159 cm 49 kg B 83 (C) W 63 H 88
Very bright wife, contrary to that smile, completely feeling away from her husband is SEX less.
Still there is a side that can not beat myself, there is a thing that one person goes to a ramen shop and goes a cup of beer with dumplings.
Nevertheless, a living woman, sexual desire is firmly present and now she is a sex life with another boyfriend once a month.
Say that I like a chilly etch but what was the most pleasant SEX ever to the contrary to such words? To the question of
It seems to have said "I shouted while being standing in the bath and backing up."
In case of
The first experience was 17 years old, in the high 2 and in his room of the same age.
(Were you masturbating before that?)
"I was doing it"
(From when?)
"12 years old, elementary school six years, in a part of a horny novel of a book that a little person is reading (in a copy of SEX (is this good here?
Reading the phrase what you say, imitating it, it really feels good! I thought afterwards, and after that I often have time to spare,
I was masturbating from under my underwear. "
(Underwear will be dirty?
"Of course, of course, I was washing myself, many times a day, twice or three times a day"
It seems to me that they were pretty wet at elementary school, and that they are potentially like two or three times.

Masturbation brings down the panties to the knees and presses the clitoris while clothes are wearing, so that whenever a person comes,
Although I was killing the voice at the beginning, gradually stretching his waist according to the movements of the finger and poking the mouth by sticking both feet "Uh, uh"
Its appearance is just like opening up when you are surprised or fearing when you do not hear your voice, just breathe in,
Then I trembled the whole body trembling.
Masturbating like watching and entering this power, I saw quite a good sensitivity.

In case of
Sexual check with a punishment chair, erotic bands like clitoris and daiso or ears, how the whole body is like the erogenous zone.
Tying hands and stroking from the back, from the base of the neck to the heel, touching like a bit, unexpectedly touching the butt, hips are quite sensitive.
If you crawl around the back of the body evenly, your legs are shaky, and as soon as you can feel sad it begins to pant. Just like caressing behind, an ordinary person seems to be tampered with even a nipple.
It is a feeling that I can not endure it, so I'm in a punishment chair. This is the play that my wife wants to try.
Blindfolded, restrained. An exaggerated reaction just by gently touching the inside of the thigh.
Just because the index finger comes close to the nipple, if it touches it, "Oh!"
Next, if you crawl around the crotch circumference carefully with a rotor, shake your waist with pant, shake your waist and be patient and "touch me" so poorly,
If you take off the panties and touch the clitoris, it will soon be ascending, if you continue rubbing, will not you say "I'm going to die?"
(When you ascend you got permission) and pushing a finger and inserting one finger into a female genitalia, "ah!"
I caught my face to such an extent that it seems to cry, I have received pleasure. When putting in and out with two fingers, the waist rises,
Then, if you give permission "please let me go", please pardon, (Itti okayo) ", it ends shortly.
When I move my finger in the female genitalia a little bit, I also rage against "Oh!".
Next time I can rub it while rubbing clitoris. Put your fingers back, shed tears, panting while holding down your eyes, moving your hands quickly,
When I thought that a hot liquid came out from a dick with a loud voice, I ended it. He is a very sensitive wife!

※ This work is an HD edited masturbation work "Woman who puffs mouth" and "erotic check Yuki 43 years old".

※ This work will be the same product with the "Monthly Masatata Department" interlocking project.

--- hour - - 25 minutes 43 seconds
With voice

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