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Sexual feeling check & masturbation Chika 30 years old


Sexual feeling check & masturbation  Chika 30 years old
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sexual desire without bottom, and service M, masturbation once with fingers, once in rotor, even ascending twice with electric massage
No sexual desire, serve M women, blow jobs endless, masturbation love fingers once, rotor once
Two more times with electric massage

Chika 30 years old
Height 165 cm Weight 55 kg blood type O type B 89 (D) W 64 H 91

Or serious OL usually came to open the body and mind, using weekdays off?
Although it seems to be looking great, I cut down my household budget and thrift and have all the date fee and meal fee with sex friends come out,
Besides, if you make me feel comfortable it is a solid person who wishes or fulfilled.

It is "M is" himself, once again like a service M, "If I told you to give me a blowjob, I am doing it until I'm told I'm OK."
It seems that there is a tied experience, and only by listening to the rough sound of the rope "Ah ~ ~ " has become that I want you to blame the sad person.
Also, as liquor enters, it seems that the crotch gets loose as "Does not it go away?"
Half-open mouth whose mouth corner has fallen is typical of M women.

When I was a kindergarten, I was awakened to the point that the horn of the average table hit the dick, "What's that?", In the second year of elementary school,
Even when playing with my sister, lifting both feet with your hand, and vibrating your legs in the crotch (electric on your feet)
My breasts are swelling in elementary school 5 years old When I become able to wear bras, I get touched by nature and nipples and I am feeling good.
In the 6th grade of elementary school students, they started things like masturbation with nipples and chestnuts.
Because it was a single room, I felt the bedding down to my eyes when I went to bed, killing my voice and doing it twice a week.

We set up two cameras and got masturbating, ascending with a gleeful pant voice while raising one leg to the sofa with the fingers at first.
If it's a finger, this is the end ...

Take the rotor and pick up the panties and "Ashi" Ascension, this is the second time

Since I started wearing a skirt, I thought that I was satisfied, I drop the skirt again and press the electric massage against a female machine this time
Ascending while sliding down with "Gwu", this is the third time

While breathing heavily on the shoulder, this time when you get out of the bra and become a panty, you will become sideways again and the electric massage to the dick,
It is the fourth ascension when both feet are raised and a cramps cramps with a dizzy, it is a desire for no bottom

As I said, it is said that it is basic skating, it is said that he is still masturbating frequently now using a rotor.
(Recalling the recent SEX, side dish) While you were talking about such, did you get wet?
If you urge the confirmation and obediently open your legs on the sofa with gait and legs "Are you wet?"
(You will understand by myself!) Kusufushi M woman.
It was repaired with fingers who gave a face from the side of the panty, and "female unit is gutchu guchu, obviously,
When inserting two fingers into Walleje and raising the speed of the female man so as to stimulate the upper part of the female machine,
A pleasant pleasure that you can not suppress suddenly with a half-mouth opening is "Icha-chan, Ichuu, Uuu" (Chukutsuguchu, Buubyu)
While juice scattering sofa is shy "ashamed" to Bichobicho, clean up his own dick and sofa with tissue.

This work will be the same product with the "Monthly Masatata Department" interlocking project.

--- hours --- 32 minutes 11 seconds
With voice

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