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Fujiko · Reinforced DVD_ Amateur Girls Immobiles Unedited M


Fujiko · Reinforced DVD_ Amateur Girls Immobiles Unedited M
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As soon as I hear "FUJIKO", I will recommend only to those who come with pins.

Because this video is sold at these sites, it is an accusation picture to disclose on the condition that confidentiality of the information provider is given from the story committed every day.

In such a point, though it is different from usual picture, I think whether the contents can be predicted roughly by speaking of the aforementioned "Fujiko" relation.

Let's move on to the explanation of contents.

Normally, subjects of image videos are photographed through parental consent and GO of affiliated productions, but in this video, beginning with an interview with a girl at the beginning, and there "because it is not used here in this volume So - called camera test such as ~? Everything is included unconditionally.

Because this image, provider said that SNS etc is used by girls to approach a girl as a professional photographer and it is not planned to sell it as idle image video shooting, but there are no plans to sell occasional poses of swimwear in a closed room alone It is said that it is just a personal photography to shoot, its pre-edition picture.

Therefore, the subject is not a feeling like so-called black hair loli, but apparently an ordinary child. The model selection is sweet, let's make that child a star, or this DVD can be sold! It is not motive or such motive, but this shooting itself is the purpose, the material I took was not edited this way, it seems to be a story that it has flowed to us.

The idol boom of the world maybe even a general girl maybe himself ... and I think that it is easy for him to fit in an adult's trap, not only that this photographer is just a bad man but also a modern pathology Maybe you can say it.

What is noteworthy in this video is that there is nothing that there is no idiosyncratic sound of the site by riding full-length BGM, which tends to be an idle DVD. That's why it is natural, but it is natural that the interaction at the time of shooting hidden behind the BGM is completely open, for example, that famous idol and that cute actress are being thrown this kind of obscene words to the cameraman You can imagine that you are doing it.

If you excerpt some of that exchange,

A man is taking a shower in the bath
"I am taking photos so that water flowing from between my crotch seems to have been leaked purely, so apply hot water to the body to flow from between the legs."

A man in a swimsuit lying on the sofa
"Can you understand that it is wrinkled? It is a wrinkle that looks like a split in a swimsuit's crotch, but because I want to take it, stretch my legs, bend it once, braid the legs and then open it."

When you take a four-pose pose, a man says, "Do you know the pose that pushes up your butt so high? Raise your buttocks and lower your waist. Well, you do not know, then you understand the pose at the back? Okay, you know right back when you said back. "

While receiving a harassment that would make you want to cover your ears, the girl 's loneliness which does not keep a smile for her works still strikes her heart.

Moreover, although it is also the case at the end of the image, although it is likely to be a commercially available image, there is a regular pose reminiscent of the man's gaze when looking at the idol from above, looking down from the top, from the top in the angle of view I think that it is really inserted there.

There is no confirmation because only the face is reflected, but clearly sex has been done in conversation exchanges.

Actually ... I thought that it was a product of a delusion unless hidden in BGM ... but this video has become it really this picture.

I just wanted to take this as I ended up saying I was going to idle. The shooting of the Immebi style so far was just a prefix to screw in the cock here. However, by shooting the pretens well, the amateur girl can convince that this is shooting, I do not think it is strange.

No, no, it's completely out.

It's an out, but as a girl has also felt it would be the same sin. Rather, it is only two people in the closed room with Ojisan, idol is being advertised to the world naturally like pillow sales, so it may be that the girls are also included in it. If I have to put up with this (as long as I see the picture this girl gets pretty sex and does not look bad) I can be a dream idol! I can not blame the girl even if it is deceived.

It is easy to think that idol DVD, swimsuit image videos all look like this by seeing this video, but I want to believe that such a thing is extremely special example. I would like to receive it as an accusation for that.

In view of the times, thumbnails are giving a line of sight, but there is no eye line in this volume.

Frame Width: 1280
Frame Height: 720

38 minutes 49 seconds

With voice

The person who appears in all the works we are selling is a model of 18 years old and over and is shooting on a contract.

We abide by domestic laws and do not act against laws and ordinances at all.
Secondary use, assignment, reprint, resale, etc. are forbidden.

All works are based on laws and terms of use, not child pornography.
(We verify age by identification card)

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