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Molester recording diary 246


Molester recording diary 246
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I started with a bad friend.
I strongly receive the colors of certain works.

This time, it is a video of touching a gown dressed in a neat series fashion of Hirahira mini skirt.
On a cold day, it is hard to find a raw skirt as well as a mini skirt, but when I was searching for a gaunt for about 20 minutes, my black hair straight & white slender legs extending from a mini skirt ... it looks really delicious. . .
That's why I got together with the raw footage after a long time while horny.

When I put my hand on the ass and explored it, Neat-chan seemed to care for me but not to care about the ass.
I was a little worried that the mini skirts of this period wore thick spats or petti pants ...
I do not have to enjoy it, but for myself who wants to go to a raw man, I really do not like 2 minute length spats ...
For the moment, pretending to be pushed from behind and fitting the palm to the ass meat ... the feel of thin cotton and the warmth of human skin ...

I came, raw bread at this time. The raw man expectation value rises at a stretch and my erection level also rises.

When you enjoy the feeling of Sawasawa and buttocks, the apparently disliked jellyfish.
However, the modest resistance that I tried to pay with my palms without raising my voice was really cute.
And this jellyfish that got off at the station to escape ...

OK daughter confirmed.
So, I did it without reserve.

While enjoying the ass dekimono, put your finger on the hem of the underwear. Carefully slide your finger on the wet cracked part. The hair seems to be treated beautifully, the slippery man meat was serious and erotic …
Then put your finger on the crack and push it in a little ...

A large, vivid jellyfish. And the whole body that is clearly jerking ...

Then check the position of the hole and push your finger in. Neat and clean, who moves his body in accordance with the pushed finger. Stretch your body as you dig into your fingers and desperately resist ... If you react so much, you will get bald? It was me who convinced me to move my finger with a piston and make a surprise while thinking how.
If you finger finger a bit hard while enjoying the gradually overflowing man juice and the hole that tightens as you feel,

"OK ..." OK daughter who is nervous at the same time as voice ... This reaction is a molested fellow.
Perverted pretending to be neat? It seemed to want to rush, but that feeling that the desire for control was satisfied was just a pleasure ...
Kimochi Yokkatta ...
Excitement did not subside for a while because it was a long time miniskirt neat and clean.
I am very satisfied.

Only one.
Is it some kind of message because I was staring down? I went halfway, but nothing ...
I was made to think.

(Personal evaluation: 82 points)

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