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Molester recording diary vol.46【2nd person】


Molester recording diary vol.46【2nd person】
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As I walked around the station while looking for something as usual, I found a young girl walking through her bra from the front.
As a sheer fetish, I can't leave it alone, so I decided to prey this time, thinking that a woman who walks through herself would be lewd anyway.
I turned it back and tried to follow it.
The volume of the buttocks that can be seen even from the top of the clothes is dangerous, and my crotch, which is also a butt lover, is already fluffy.
I got in and touched it immediately.
I made it quite tightly, so I touched it while watching the situation, but unexpectedly, I didn't seem to make a noise as if I wasn't used to molesting.
Such a girl will fall immediately if you blame her forcibly.
When you turn up your skirt and stroke your plump thighs, you'll be glaring at the target as if you were a little scared.
However, there is no strong resistance just to pay my hand, so I will trace the crotch part ...
The thick pussy is so ugly that I have already put up with it ...
When my hand reaches my crotch, I have an unpleasant expression on my face, but I don't seem to resist any more.
If you shift your underwear and insert your finger into the crack that was a little hot, you will get a nice reaction.
If you trace the crack while looking for the clitoris, the expression of the target who had been showing disgust in the form of a demon will change to an Eloy face ...
This is the expression of a woman who has fallen into a molester.
No matter how much noise or resistance you may hate, most women are silent with embarrassment, regret, and comfort when they do raw man.
This target is no exception, and while making a regrettable crying expression, I was troubled by the uncontrollable reaction of my body and endured the molester.
By the way, I was so stuffy that I couldn't put my fingers in.
The wet condition of the pussy was quite good.

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