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A 20-year-old part-time worker with beautiful big breasts squirt


A 20-year-old part-time worker with beautiful big breasts squirt
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A 20-year-old part-time worker is taking on a photo shoot for the first time.
She is a fair-skinned beauty with a slender body, but has a beautiful body with beautiful big breasts.

She only has 3 people, and she doesn't seem to play outside.
It's her first time having sex filmed on camera, and it's her first time having sex with the man she met that day, so she's very nervous.

She used to work as a nurse, and a patient would get an erection while she was washing him, but she would dress him as if nothing had happened.
She seems quiet, but maybe she's used to handling penises.

There is an actress in AV that she likes, and she seems to have seen that actress's work several times.
She had seen the actresses in the work being photographed cutely and wanted to be photographed in the same way, so she applied.

When asked naughty questions, she will answer in various ways, even though she is shy.
When I asked her what she said about her pussy, she shyly told me firmly.

When I fondle her breasts through her clothes, she looks shy but indescribably sexy.
When someone touches me from behind on my butt or vagina, my body reacts with a tingle.

As he licks her back and touches her breasts, his voice gradually begins to leak out.
When you touch her nipples and stimulate her clitoris through her pants, you can feel it and move your hips.

When I pulled down her panties, her pussy was already drenched and flooded.
When she is cunnilingus, she closes her eyes and moans with a pleasant expression.
When she inserted two fingers and fingered me, I made an obscene sound and started squirting.

When he is fucked in the missionary position, he says, ``It feels good,'' and his juices overflow from the first penetration in six months.
When she is held by her legs and penetrated deep inside, her body convulses as she climaxes.

When I ride on top of her in cowgirl position, she shakes her hips awkwardly, probably because she's not used to it.
When I thrust hard from beneath her, she gasps with a look of agony on her face.

She then gets pounded hard in the doggy style and crutches, contorting her beauty face and doing yoga.
At the end, he pounded her hard again in the missionary position, ejaculated onto her beautiful big tits, and even gave her a cleaning blowjob.
It's a must-see to see a fair-skinned beauty forgetting her embarrassment and panting with a look of agony on her face.

Position: Missionary → Cowgirl → Back → Crutches → Missionary (chest cumshot, cleaning blowjob)

Time: 66 minutes mp4

*Performers are over 18 years old and have given consent to be photographed.

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