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A neat 22-year-old cafe clerk gets so comfortable on her first s


A neat 22-year-old cafe clerk gets so comfortable on her first s
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A 22-year-old cafe worker takes on the challenge of having sex for the first time.
It's her first time filming, so she's very nervous.

I work at a cafe, and the staff members wear cosplay to serve customers.
Previously, she was active as an idol and also did gravure work.

She's a neat and serious-looking girl, so she's the kind of girl who doesn't appear in AVs.
I am someone who enjoys sex, and have been interested in AV for some time, so I applied this time.

I don't have a boyfriend at the moment, and the last time I had sex was six months ago.
When her sexual desire builds up, she shyly replies that she uses her middle finger to relieve it.

Her first experience was when she was 15, and her partner was a younger junior.
There were 12 people who had experience, and 8 of them were dating.
It seems that some of the other people became friends with me because I met them through friends or because they were seniors.
It seems that some of them had sex with regular customers at the cafe and a photographer from her idol days.

She once did it at her boyfriend's house with the front door open and him standing from behind, and she seems to obediently agree to do it when the other person wants to do it.
Although she looks quiet, she may actually be quite lewd.

It seems that the sensitivity is good, and when I touch my breasts from above the bra, my nipples are already erect.
When you touch my pussy over my pants, it feels good and my hips move and my pants become damp.

When I take off her pants and put the electric massager on her clitoris, she moans and writhes, and immediately cums.
When she inserts two fingers and fucks her violently, she squirts a lot and soaks the sheets.

When he starts giving a blowjob, he greedily sucks his cock while looking at the camera.
He actively licks the inside of her body as well, and you can tell that she is quite lewd.

When it is penetrated in the missionary position, it feels good to have a cock for the first time in a while, and the pussy juice overflows from the pussy.
When it was penetrated deep inside, she moaned and cummed.
When she is violently pistoned, she gasps loudly and then squirts with great force.

When I straddle her in cowgirl position, she moves her hips obscenely and moans.
And, once again, the tide blows out.

After that, he is inserted from the back, positioning from the back, etc., and he does yoga with his erotic nature exposed.
At the end, he thrust hard again in the missionary position and ejaculated onto her stomach, which made her feel so good that she became dazed.
It's a must-see to see this fair-skinned, slender, and neat girl show off her erotic nature as she moans and squirts over and over again.

Time: 62 minutes mp4

*Performers are over 18 years old and have given consent to be photographed.

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