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[Upskirts 74]Summer vacation K-chan's pants who dyed their hair


[Upskirts 74]Summer vacation K-chan's pants who dyed their hair
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Manami is a girl from K who goes to school.

To have the same hobby is pretty strong, it was the beginning to call K - chan of the school uniform looking at the rock magazine.

Although I go to Sasonasoni every year, Manami is going to Samasonon for the first time this year and the story got excited and I exchanged the line and it was decided to meet on this day when Manami was summer vacation.

Manami dyed his hair for the first summer festival.

But since I have an extra class, I went to school almost every day, even though it was a summer vacation, and my teacher got angry at my hair.

When I heard such a story I remembered my student days and also made me feel uncomfortable.

There are two days in Samasonon, but I am taking a hotel near the venue every time.

So on this day, I was going to talk about Sumasoni 's day to stay with me, but what a way Manobi and Makuhari did not bother to go to Sasoni in Osaka.

Because Liam Gallagher for Mr. Manami only goes to Osaka.

Damn Liam, I felt that Makuhari went to Makuhari to spend a pleasant hotel time, I thought that a little tension fell, but I felt inspiration to take a picture of Manami 's underwear appearing after extracurricular lesson.

So, as usual, during dating with Manami she secretly takes a skirt inside out and steals it.

As in the past, this time I still take photos of Manami 's skirt with various distances and angles.

Uniforms Manami-chan's appearance a little delicate, but I still feel that it is not the adults of fleshy, lower body in the skirt was a nice plump.

If you look closer, it looks like a girl's day.

Right now the body is about to become an adult woman.

At meals Sitting pants ultra-up in the focus to secretly put a light to illuminate the pants as sample images have blurred got correct but, want to be placed in a video in order to feel a sense of art pants did.

Because I felt it was impossible to take a picture well from behind due to the backpack being held by Manami, the gentleman I borrowed Manami 's backpack.

Thanks to the skirt from the back I was able to take it with patch.

I still feel the wall against me from Manami, but I'd like to lose this wall in the near future.

Please enjoy.

Some audio is being cut.

Since the young students of child videos lot of anxiety that often, in the face of Manami-chan of the sample image has been processed, but does not suffer the mosaic in the face of Manami-chan is in the video.
In case
- Kirara Yoshikage -

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