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Fujiko heartfelt DVD again _ badminton club busty girls to prey


Fujiko heartfelt DVD again _ badminton club busty girls to prey
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It is a stockpile of the image editing unedited material announced here the other day the other day.

Previous work
Fujiko ・ 利 DVD _ amateur girl Imebi unedited material

The flow of shooting this time is almost the same as in the previous session, and it starts from the interview with the camera test first, shooting an image in a swimsuit, and even changing clothes in a swimsuit costume, turning the camera into a full naked figure, sneaking with a gravure There is no justification because it only shows the upper body, so there is also a scene that apparently seems to extend to fornication.

In the opening interview, the girl who is a badminton club smiles from beginning to end, and the figure that laughs using squeakers and the whole body seems to have no idea what form it should look like from now on It was a dream to become! ”

This video is aimed at a girl who dreams of such an idol, and first of all, it is taken to a hotel to call a gravure shooting, because it is an image, it's an image that even if you're going to Gonzo, you get into ignorance if it's your job It is an unedited material.

After editing, after becoming a product, all the evidence part that has reached the act is cut, and BGM is put over the instruction word of sexual harassment to be put on the spot and deleted.

It may be packaged and sold in a pretty teen idol image video, and some may be left unedited. It is the photographer's complete public-private confusion.

If this photographer is small, even during the interview, "Can my parents support me to become an idol? I can not do my activities if my parents can't persuade me properly", "Work from the end of school Because there may be a day, club activities and clubs also have to rest, etc., and juxtapose a plausible lie and act as if you are really worried.

On the other hand, a brave girl says, "My parents have always told me what I want to do by doing everything I love so I will convince them!"

Furthermore, "This is an important question, but I want you to answer, but still a virgin?" The photographer who boldly asks, and the girl answer "Yes", "It's all right, all right. Just a fan I would not have experienced it in front of the person of "" and would not just follow the mystery, personally want to ask personally? It is only a talk that you want to think of.

In the bathing suit shooting from there, it is obliged to put in a background music such as "I give up my bag like as when giving a blowjob", "Like as if I can insert it in the back," The good news is that she has a lot of obscene words against girls, and how many girls are being exploited in the dream of idol, just the genius part of the entertainment world where one end can be seen a glimpse.

Finally, this is always the usual hand. It is good to take a scene to lie down on bed, and the camera is fixed with the upper body, and the lower body is repeating the violent attacks that were recorded in the previous video of inserting the cock as well.

The Gradle, which was accused of having been inserted before, was called "gravure photography" before, but it became a news, but it is surprising that the same thing is still being carried out. By the way, the above-mentioned GRADOL has fallen AV safely, but this child is poisoned by this and is not worried that they will step into such a world, but it is surprising! ? It is this Batonmington girl that seems to be unanimous with Ann Anne.

Furthermore, it seems that I got stuck when taking a picture in the cowgirl position.

In the relationship of trust between a gravure photographer and an idol, is it likely to be close to a sexual relationship as well? However, if this kind of thing is continued, in the case of this child, it will be a matter of time for the surface to come to surface only by the exception that the girl knocks down.

People in the world are saying that a woman of 18 years of age or older is accustomed to pillowing, but in fact the teen industry may also be heavily polluted.

In view of the trend, we have given a glance at thumbnails, but there is no sight on this part.

Frame width: 1280
Frame height: 720

43 minutes and 40 seconds

With voice

People who appear in all the works we sell are models over 18 years old and we shoot on the contract.

We comply with Japanese domestic law and do not violate any laws and regulations.
Secondary use, transfer, reproduction, resale, etc. are prohibited.

All works are content based on the law and terms of use, and do not fall under child pornography.
(Your age is confirmed by your ID card)

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