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Mami of 1 semen sandals new face of Mami!


Mami of 1 semen sandals new face of Mami!
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I continue hanging semen on the pretty room sandals of Mami.
With Mami who continues wearing semen sandals without noticing
The image of sandals polluted by semen on a story
I improve at any time.
Mami of 1 semen sandals new face of Mami!
My company which is high-heeled shoes fetishism,
The side dish of small business ... every day to be far from to a young woman
Was sandals and the high-heeled shoes of the woman to see when went to work,; but ...
I got luck; is Mami of the new face in April
It is indoor sandals having a cute child きたよーしかも of a pretty woman or serious excitement.
I am worried about a foot and sandals of Mami, and a trouble comes out to work and
Anyone disappeared other than そして me in working overtime.
I can have sandals of long-cherished Mami in my hand.
A smell of the perfume which is sweet when I pick it up at once and smell it is ...
Because is new, do not yet do the smells of the foot,; but of Mami
I lived for an instant in excitement when I imagined the figure which I wore.
Is still clean sandals, but is merciless; on the ribbon of the right sandal
I dump it and carry it out. (it prevents licking the left side with a smell and from polluting it by business)
As for one week of the beginning, there were not many changes,; but only as for the gradually right sandal
Is tainted with a semen color; ...
In the face of 21 pieces of photograph (.JPG models mosaic existence)
A picture of 3000x3000 is high-resolution,
In environment of the photography, I make a defocus and,
There is the image photographing a state reflected in the mirror.
As for the image which I work to turn over, but a picture has bad in the dirts of the mirror
There is it.
※ This work gets permission of the model photography.
※ This work is the make-believe that I photographed in a pirating style. I determine it and do a thing, and, please pat it.
※ I prohibit a transfer, reproduction, the upload to a third party firmly without permission.
※ Our model confirms that I am older than 18 years old beforehand.

【Tags】 Dump it and take semen foot fetishism leg fetishism high-heeled shoes pumps stepping stone foot leg beauty leg town; chase m
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