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Pollute it on 1 (gorgeousness of 79 pieces of image + animations


Pollute it on 1 (gorgeousness of 79 pieces of image + animations
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I continue hanging semen to the indoor high-heeled shoes of Mami.
With Mami who continues wearing semen high-heeled shoes without noticing
The image of high-heeled shoes polluted by semen on a story
I improve at any time.
Pollute it on 1 (gorgeousness of 79 pieces of image + animations) semen high-heeled shoes high-heeled shoes first day of Mami; is ・・ in vain
The new sandals of the second generation finish polluting it
The sandals which it crumbles, and are new in the New Year
Coming and the second generation sandals which are thrown away
I looked forward to getting を.
Because I had sandals made newly after Bon Festival last time
I can expect it after a long-term rest. And it is the New Year!
Mami goes to his/her office with a suit. The company of the business partner
In time and the business partner where a visitor comes to the company for
When I go out with the president, I go to my office with a suit.
Before in a locker suit + pumps
It was put, but is it troublesome to change its clothes?
I seemed to take it home all too soon.
And when take unfair advantage of weakness; な, anything and high-heeled shoes!
Indoor ハイヒールキター! As for the heel sandals
Because I like it, but love the high-heeled shoes pumps, too
This is too nice; is the second generation at ... and the same time
I identify a shoe cupboard as a trash box to get sandals
・・ which I do it, but have still put in the shoe cupboard this time
And is busy with a business partner and visitor correspondence; with high-heeled shoes
Watch Mami running around; and as for the erection spree, the photography
As because I increased it more than usual, the work did not progress, and having aimed
Overtime work ^^ and anyone disappeared until anyone disappeared
In a place, I go the high-heeled shoes to a shoe cupboard at once in 取
I play in an office and start! Concerning this time first pollution
I bring an animation camera, and it is photographed by the home!
Of course the high-heeled shoes new
I do only a leather smell and a smell of the perfume of Mami
It is too too erotic and imagines a figure wearing
I lived in ですぐに. And I do not just wipe it off
I repay it in a shoe cupboard! Just to make sure the morning of tomorrow more than anyone else
I decide to go to its office, and to watch the situation of high-heeled shoes early.
And bet it, and the biggest pinch comes in history; ...
In the face of 79 pieces of photograph + animation five minutes (.JPG.avi models mosaic existence)
The direct reproduction half has the above with an image of Mami plenty this time,
I make the play animation!
It becomes the gorgeousness of a lot of sexy shots!
A picture of 3000x3000 is high-resolution,
In environment of the photography, I make a defocus and,
There is the image photographing a state reflected in the mirror.
As for the image which I work to turn over, but a picture has bad in the dirts of the mirror
There is it.
※ This work gets permission of the model photography.
※ This work is the make-believe that I photographed in a pirating style. I determine it and do a thing, and, please pat it.
※ I prohibit a transfer, reproduction, the upload to a third party firmly without permission.
※ Our model confirms that I am older than 18 years old beforehand.

【Tags】 Dump it and take semen foot fetishism leg fetishism high-heeled shoes pumps stepping stone foot leg beauty leg town; chase m
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