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Please input the last sentence that you want to translate of the


Please input the last sentence that you want to translate of the
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I continue dumping semen over indoor pumps of Mami.
With Mami who continues wearing semen high-heeled shoes without noticing
The image of high-heeled shoes polluted by semen on a story
I improve at any time.
The last of the new heel of the elder sister that semen high-heeled shoes 7 of Mami became tattered
It is two months later more from the last time
At 2-3 times a week of paces, it is semen
The polluted new high-heeled shoes
I deteriorated and crumbled.
It is a full-scale hot season
Of the high-heeled shoes which were continued dumping over
The smell is considerably strong,
^^ which I smell even if it is 1m distant
Without noticing in it; every day
Mami who wears it!
However, it has been trained by a good feeling
It was a new heel of older sister, but is disappointing
... which will greet the last
It is mosaic existence .mp4) in the face of the (.JPG model for 21 pieces of photograph + animation 11 minutes
By an incident
Finally the high-heeled shoes which became
Of Mami is upset
It is succeeded by animation collecting of the scene!
Please enjoy it with a play animation and a double feature!
An animation picture is 1280x720
A photograph picture of 3000x3000 is high-resolution,
In environment of the photography, I make a defocus and,
There is the image photographing a state reflected in the mirror.
As for the image which I work to turn over, but a picture has bad in the dirts of the mirror
There is it.
This work gets permission of the model photography.
This work is the make-believe that I photographed in a pirating style. I determine it and do a thing, and, please pat it.
I prohibit a transfer, reproduction, the upload to a third party firmly without permission.
Our model confirms that I am older than 18 years old beforehand.

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