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A 19-year-old vocational school student with a baby-faced neatne


A 19-year-old vocational school student with a baby-faced neatne
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A 19-year-old vocational school student challenges the shooting for the first time.
This is my first time shooting, so I'm quite nervous.
His expression is strong, and he answers the interview with a thin voice and trembles a little.

Shortcut and neat, slender body and smooth skin.
She is an innocent child who is shy and shy when she is told something naughty.

I don't have a boyfriend now, and when I'm horny, I'm doing sex alone.
He does it once or twice a week, touching the comfortable parts with his own hands without using toys.

When asked what my favorite phallus is, I'm shy that I don't know.
He has only had sex in the dark, so he doesn't look at the phallus very clearly.
I'm a little confused when I'm told that the shooting will remain bright.

The number of experienced people is 3, and I have only had sex with people I have been dating.
This is the first time I have sex with someone other than my boyfriend.

When asked about the erogenous zone, they say the ears and neck.
When you touch your neck, your facial expression will change a little, saying "it feels good ...".
When you touch your ears, you will have a surprised face.

Even if I was told to roll up my skirt and charm my pants, I'm shy and raise my skirt a little.
When I raise the skirt so that I can see the pants, I feel embarrassed.

When I crawl on all fours on the sofa and touch the dick from the top of my pants, I feel it and my voice leaks.
When asked, "Does it feel good to be touched by strangers?", He shyly says, "It feels good ...".

When you feel comfortable and make a voice, it's embarrassing, so hold your mouth down with your hands so that you don't make a voice.
Even if I touch the dick from the top of my pants and ask, "Why are you slimy here?", I'm embarrassed and can't answer.

I was told to take off my pants and spread the dick, and when I spread the dick with my own hands, I can see that it is seriously juiced and shiny.
When you touch the dick with your finger, you will hear a fluttering sound, and since it is wet, your finger will easily enter.
If fingering is done as it is, man juice will overflow and the dick will become sticky.

While being squeezed by chestnuts, her neck is licked and her body is shocked, and when asked "Is it comfortable?", She says "Yes ..." and panting.
When I take her bra and expose her breasts, her nipples are standing in a small but beautiful breast.
It seems that the nipples are also felt, and when it is tampered with with fingers, it makes the body feel nervous.

When it is inserted in the missionary position and pistoned, man juice overflows and you can hear a jerky and obscene sound.
The tightness of the dick is outstanding, and it tightens the big cock tightly.

When you get on top in the woman on top posture, you grind your hips yourself and panting cutely with "Ah" and "Uh".
If you push it up from the bottom and put the big cock all the way in, it will make the dick even wet with pleasure.

When she is fucked in the back and pierced from the back to the back, she ties her mouth tightly and panting for pleasure.
When it is inserted at the coronation and the G spot is pierced, it panting while tightening the dick tightly.

It was inserted in the missionary posture again and was pierced violently and panted, and at the end it was shot in large quantities on the chest and I felt too much and it was awkward.
The body that was stiff due to tension and embarrassment feels as if it is an attack that incites shame, and it is exciting to see the dick getting wet and panting by being pierced by a big cock.

Time: 65 minutes mp4

* The performers are over 18 years old and have obtained the consent of the shooting.

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