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A record of having sex with a cute nutritionist whom an acquaint


A record of having sex with a cute nutritionist whom an acquaint
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My name is Sex Loneliness Forest, and I run a Bar in a certain place.

This is a photo shoot of girls I have met at each venue, including store regulars and their friends.

Since I and my employees are also in the film, we basically do not have conversations in order to prevent identity theft.

Please refrain from purchasing this video if you want to see the fun and chatting.

Please refrain from specifying the girls, as it would be troublesome in many ways.

Girl Introduction
This girl was brought to the store several times by an acquaintance who works in the medical field.
I don't have that much contact with her, but she comes to the store regularly and we get along well.

However, she had a bad reputation among the manager and the employees, and when I was not around, she had a very arrogant attitude.

One such acquaintance brought a cute girl with her.
He was desperately trying to seduce her to take her home.
The arrogant attitude toward the employees.

That's right, I wanted to snatch her from the side!

So, I went to her several times and made a relationship with her so that my acquaintance would not find out about it.

She is a dietician at a hospital, and she and my acquaintance became acquainted there.
She says that her workplace is too serious, so she is easily stressed out and doesn't meet anyone.

Perhaps this is why she plays around on her days off to relieve stress.
She told me that she often has one-night stands with strangers.

Her body is quite advanced, as is her face.
She had F-cup breasts and beautiful white skin.

I am sorry for my acquaintance, but she was quite a bite.

It is not easy to meet girls of this level, so I will do my best to keep them.
What kind of play shall we do next week, I am looking forward to it!

This is a completely original work,
This is a completely original work, and it is forbidden to be viewed by anyone under 18 years of age, or to be provided, transferred, or sold to any third party.
Please contact us if you find any resale.

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