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A neat and sensitive 21-year-old female college student takes on NEW


A neat and sensitive 21-year-old female college student takes on
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A 21-year-old female college student is filming for the first time.

She is studying nutrition at university and seems to be attending her classes seriously.

Her first sexual experience was when she was 19, with a man from her part-time job, but they were not dating.

She has only had sex with one person at that time, and it was only once.

She applied for the job because she was interested in sex, but I was surprised that her second sexual encounter was a POV shoot.

She seems to watch a variety of AVs, and when she sees a woman being attacked, it makes her feel like she is being attacked.

When she masturbates alone, she watches AV and stimulates her clitoris with her fingers and a vibrator.

When asked what kind of sex she would like to try, she answers that she would like to try anything, and seems to be particularly interested in group play.

Although she has little experience with sex, she may be quite lewd inside.

She has been doing gymnastics since she was little, so her body is flexible, and she shows off her 180-degree splits and Y-shaped balance.

It's a little erotic and exciting to see her doing it with her panties completely visible.

Her body seems to be very sensitive, and when her nipples are played with by fingers, her body twitches in excitement.
When she takes off her bra, she has beautiful D-cup breasts, even though she has a slender figure with a tight waist.

When her nipples are licked, she moans in a cute voice, and when she looks at her panties, she sees a stain already there.
When her clit is rubbed over her panties, the stain gradually gets darker.
When she puts her hand inside her panties and touches her vagina, it is so wet that it is dripping.

When she is given cunnilingus, she trembles and says "I'm coming" as she reaches orgasm.
When he puts his fingers in and fingers her, she hears a lewd squishing sound, and then she squirts with force.

When he penetrates her in the missionary position, she doesn't feel any pain and is enjoying it, even though it is their second time having sex.
Her vagina is soaking wet, and when he thrusts his penis in and out, she hears a lewd squishing sound.
When he thrusts violently, she moans and her body convulses.

When she is penetrated from behind or in the side position, she feels so good that she moans, which makes it hard to believe it's her second time having sex.

When she is penetrated from below in the cowgirl position, she loses herself.

At the end, she is fucked hard in the missionary position again, and a large amount of cum is ejaculated onto her stomach, causing her body to convulse.

Her body reacts so sensitively that it's hard to believe it's her second time having sex, and her natural appearance as she moans while getting her pussy soaked is a must-see.

Time: 66 minutes mp4

*The performers are over 18 years old and have given their consent to be filmed.

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