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It looks like a well-bred lady who seems to be on No*zaka is looking for a licking dog for sex processing and is trying to see if the M man in front of her has the qualifications.

I think those who read the main story (without face correction) can understand, but I blame it with a very beautiful and modest expression.

It seems that the cold eyes that look at the complete inferior garbage peculiar to the young lady are looking down on the masochist in front of her.

First of all, the young lady orders her to clean the tongue of the sole of her shoe in order to check the condition of the masochist's tongue in front of her.

Under the command "Suck it", she pulls the lead of her collar and puts her heels into her mouth as much as possible. It is powerful enough to make you think.

After that, she asks if the young lady has achieved a certain passing score in licking and cleaning the soles of the masochist's shoes, and if she wants to be my masturbation tool once again.
She makes her express her will to serve as a masturbation tool many times in her words, and after that she will enter the test whether or not to make it a masturbation tool as an exclusive licking dog in the future.

Various postures, locations, sometimes suffocating, anal licking, etc. 
If you are trying various tests and trying masochism, please see the main part.
Did you get a passing score, did you fail, or was there a reward after that? punishment? what is it like
Please enjoy.

*All women appearing are over the age of 18.

* This work is produced for the purpose of selling it as an original work.

*In addition, it is published from the United States, and the portrait rights of the copyright performers of the work are managed by the US corporation.

* The work is an original work and it is prohibited to provide or sell it to a third party under any circumstances.

*If you sell or divert without permission, we will take legal action and claim damages.

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