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Pee Soba


Pee Soba
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※ This work is divided into the first part and the second part (2 files).

Do not make food poor.

Do not forget the feeling of gratitude, eat without leaving.
This is fundamental.

The same thing can be said with pee & semen.
Filled with peppers soup
Even a semen is spread, the older sister who completes it.

Today is such a picture.

This older sister who experienced drinking urine the first time last time.

This time, I will do the first eater experience
First of all, you choose what to put on convenience store.

Well, if you say a food
It is "Soba" lol

With skilled skill (lol) I induce you to pick up the soba
Probably successful!
Besides, choosing rooster soba has a sister talent!

Go to the hotel
I'm starting.

Beside buying just opened
Looks delicious
Buckwheat sticks together and it will not get lost easily ......

In such a case, it would be theory to unravel it by steaking
But of course today

Piss on!

Unravel the delicious soba, stir it and have it eat!

It is the second time we meet
Urine of a man of little knowledge
You can be casually muffled at a delicious soba

Pull, by the way,
Certainly a man fucking shoots urine
It is genuine, there is no suspicious thing!
I will bring you pee Toddyuku soba without taking it out of the camera

Sister, excitingly ... ...
I'll be fine !!

After eating about half, leave it for the sauce after H.
Because sperm does not come out immediately (although it will come out lol) in the second part.

It is my urine that filled the container
I still have it in the bladder

Trying to do things like AV for a moment
I brought a plastic bottle cut

As clothes get wet,
Have it naked
Now, to say urinating in a sister's bottle of plastic bottle
Let's do what you see well !!

... ....


Well, I do not talk much, please have a look.

At the end normal drinking urine & urine gargle
Put the cheek in the mouth
If this is not the case I will pee quietly

It's like a toilet bowl.

I normally eat a delicious meal
That lips whisper love to your lover

Today is my toilet!

Piss and piss odor spreading throughout the mouth
Rub it as it is
I got drunk with Gokuri !!

This is the first part.
H and food are the second part, Please look forward to it!

1920 × 1080 mp 4

First part 16 minutes 31 seconds
Second part

※ We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
※ We comply with laws and regulations and publish · sell under agreement.
※ Unauthorized reproduction of images, movies, etc. is prohibited.

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