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Premium -first part-


Premium -first part-
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2020 is also a difficult time
Have a lot of amateurs drink urine
You can see it a lot
Thank you, thank you

And the last one to decorate this year
Permanent storage! Very cute
Really honest and healthy personality
This is the first girl to try drinking urine!

No nudity or H
A work of about 15 minutes costs 1,800 yen
To be honest, you might think that ...

No but

This work is actually already
For personal enjoyment without selling
Super-sensing movement that I thought I would monopolize!

But don't monopolize
In this difficult world
I have to give courage and excitement even a little
With that in mind, I decided to release this time!

We hope you enjoy the year-end and New Year holidays.
(Of course, permanent storage is recommended. Please see at any time regardless of the season)

First of all, shooting starts from the annual interview

Nude is embarrassing
I don't want my clothes to get wet with pee
So I changed into my hobby cosplay

The answers in the interview were very polite and polite
Let such a lovely lady drink pee from now on
Just thinking that way makes me a little erected ...

Immediately this one is naked
I've never drank pee since I was born
In front of that lips
Makes dirty Ji Po stand by

A girl who opens her mouth and waits to be peeed

I'm really sorry to let you do this
I'm so excited

Piss passes through Ji Po from her bladder with patience
Finally in my sister's mouth ...!

It ’s the moment of my first experience of drinking urine.
Men's urine that collects in the mouth for the first time in my life
The state of drinking something that should never be drunk
His throat moves with a loud noise
The taste makes her ...
I can't express it in letters any more, so please watch the video!

Of course it doesn't end just once
This time it is a drawing and drinking urine again
Uniform girls accept the piss of a naked old man
It's too pictorially great, and it's really ...
...... I'm sorry, I was upset

Well, the third time I will change my taste

Have me drink pee twice
While having a half-erected Ji Po held in her cute mouth
I want to pee!

Show me your mouth with nothing in it
I will put Ji Po there
And urinate from the tip of Ji Po that entered your mouth
I can't see the pee
My throat moves and makes a noise

Piss a little more than the first and second times because you can't see it

Men's urine that hits the throat directly
For a lot of urine
My sister seems to be pretty tough ...
Still drinking gulp and super teary eyes

I watched this scene about 100 times myself lol
No matter how many times I watch it, it's really good (vocabulary)

I really recommend the next scene!
Pour into a cup while being seen by your sister
Rich bright yellow urine
About half of it in a cup
She stares at her anxiously

"Drink at your sister's pace"
She hesitates even if she says so
Because this is pee

Jump out of Ji Po
Until it gets into her sister's mouth
Of course there is no cut
Real apt piss
Overcome anxiety and hesitation and drink up
The whole story

No, he's doing his best to drink
It is also a highlight that it is a little sloppy on the way

Pee is really bad.
Try drinking it once, I'm about to vomit, lol

Besides, I don't like anything
Piss of the man I just met
Do your best with teary eyes and drink

What do you say this is not a moving masterpiece?

This time the text was also exciting
One of the super recommended ones for permanent storage is finished!

Actually this
There is also a second part
This time in the bathroom, a large amount of urination in the mouth and after that ...
The second part will be released on the 20th of the new year

Everyone, be careful about viruses
Have a nice year
We look forward to your continued support in 2021.

1920 x 1080 mp4 about 13Mbps

Recording time 15 minutes 31 seconds

* We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with the law and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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