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The commemorative De La first work delivers the royal teen drinking urine works of a pretty teen girl!

I'm a blond blonde girl, but a serious girl who doesn't look like a girl, cute smile!

In the mouth of such a lady, I would like to pour two kinds of things that come out from Ji ○ from now!

The first shooting, a little tense sister
It is an unimaginable experience to drink the semen of the person who just met

I'm sorry I'm sorry to have something to drink while talking ...

Is it really okay?
Now I can quit ...?

And I will ask you seriously

"I'll do my best!"

What a good girl !!

I understand! I'm unhappy and I will drink a lot

So, let me have your mouth wide open immediately
Before that set セ ッ テ ィ ン グ コ

In the small mouth of red crimson small
I will urinate in the same way as the toilet bowl!

Dirty piss that has accumulated on the tongue is coloring the well-groomed white teeth yellow

I ask, "Can I drink it?" The urine bubbling a little in my mouth, but ... it looks like it's going to be collected in my mouth

The smile is squeezed, I wonder how to do it ...

After all, it has become a delusion,
I suggest "That's tissue passing?", But your sister is a really good girl!


I picked it up with the camera microphone

He drank at me!
Open the empty mouth and show me a smile

Authenticity, first experience with drinking of amateur daughter
Complete preservation edition to deliver with confidence to everyone who lives in a tribute! By all means at hand

Even after swallowing
"Oh ... it's amazing ..."
And I talk about the discomfort of the urine that remained in my throat

The scene continues

Now urinate the same way in the draw
Older sister who comes under tension gradually
"Oh, it's pretty ..."

I can only say sorry

But because it is a tears eye challenge
Because it is such a work

Let's taste the man's urine accumulated in the bladder for a little more!

Next time I was in bed
Urination over the elder sister
You can hear the sound of urination and urination from your mouth
A lot of yellow pissings and plenty of urine gargling

Urine that swells while bubbling rattle, smell is also tun, here ...

Next, please let me take a picture while sleeping
It straddles with the semi- erect erection much of excitement, and it urinates again

The urine which accumulated enough for this time fills all the mouth
Really hot sister
Last in the next scene, thank you for your hard work!

The last is familiar, drinking urine with glass
It's yellow and it's white and it's bubbling, it's in the familiar mouth

Even after the urination scene is over, today still continues
Let's have your bitter mouth cleaned with thick semen!

Unfortunately H is NG, so ejaculation by self-generation

I have an older sister take a picture of the power generation scene
Model also experiences first
First experience of drinking urine
Cameraman also experiences first
A cute little lady who loses various virgins

... Well, for those who look at me, my only handjob is nothing but filthy ...
Please cut in fast forward or edit software, sorry

But because my sister took a hard shot, I leave it uncut
As I have no picture, I can say naughty words etc ...

When it's almost time to go out, let me get excited and fire it!

A large amount of semen that does not fit in your mouth overflows from a small mouth, but still a large amount of concentrated semen left in the mouth


I am sorry that my sister's beautiful mouth, teeth, tongue, throat and stomach are stained with urine and sperm.

However, I tried my tearful eye hard, and I was the first to make a thrilling blockbuster suitable for the fifth year of SLeePY.

1920 x 1080 mp4 about 8.5Mbps

Duration 24 minutes 25 seconds

※ We confirm that model is 18 years old or older.
※ Comply with laws and regulations, and publish and sell under consent.
※ Reproduction without permission such as images and videos is prohibited.

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