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Pee Spitting


Pee Spitting
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pee Spitting Please be careful when browsing!
Because this older sister,
It's nice to have a quick drink
After that, I spit it into the trash can
She's also taking a picture of her vomit this time
Please be careful.
However, both pee and vomit are real
It's a real reaction.

Now, let's start with our annual interview!
An older sister who has never drank urine came again this time!
It seems that there is not much resistance to getting naked, and he immediately became a supponpon.
I'm kind of sick of the experience of drinking pee

I don't know what it's like, so I blame the question before drinking
・ Do you get enough?
・ What is the color like?
・ Do you smell?
・ What did you eat yesterday?
Kochi gets excited because her anxiety is transmitted lol

This is the moment when a man's urine, which he doesn't know for the first time in his life, enters his mouth.
Why only a small amount at first
I pour it into my mouth, but ...
Wow ... Pee! Goku ... .. .. Ohhhhh !!
The first drink like that
Is it difficult to understand just by onomatopoeia?
Please take a look at the main story, it looks really unpleasant!

The second time is also a challenge with a slightly different angle of view.
Piss poured with chororo
Goku …… Drinks properly, but right after that
Um, I'm about to vomit and run into the bathroom

Is it so unpleasant?
This is the most unpleasant older sister in the past

The third time is urination while holding Ji ◯ Po
But when I drank it
Dive the contents of your stomach into a nearby trash can
Peeing looks like this, it's a shocking drink

An older sister who seems to be very spicy after spitting a lot
Still mercilessly for the 4th time, this time you will drink what you have stored in the glass
Just by bringing the yellow glass close to my mouth, I got my sister's Oeeee!
The smell is coming and it looks pretty unpleasant
I'm prepared to drink up what I've accumulated at once
At that moment
Please be careful when browsing around here!

An older sister who vomits a lot and tears overflow
This teary eye is the true value of the teary eye challenge

The last is also the customary oral toilet experience
In that big mouth opened
With the same procedure and momentum that I always use as a toilet bowl
I will urinate
Older sister who cries on the way and vomits again
The tears dripping on the cheeks are real and you can see them many times.

I vomit on the way, so I still have urine in my voco
This time, do up the oral toilet scene
Drink the urine left in the bowl at the end and finish drinking urine!
Gokutsu and drink
After that, the appearance of returning as it is is really real! I hope you enjoy it!

Also, there are women who want to vomit and go on a diet
I'm waiting for you to contact me, I'm always ready to pee lol

That's why the richer urine drinking scene is over
It's time to get rid of the excited cock

Oma ◯ Let me use this for a while
Massive facial cumshots on the face as it is!
Crank up your cute face with a greasy stain
It was a difficult shoot to vomit and cry
At the end, he did his best with a smile.

1920 x 1080 mp4 about 6Mbps

Recording time 33 minutes 11 seconds

* We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with the law and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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