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Eye mask -first part-


Eye mask -first part-
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Tear eyes challenge!
But you can't see tears!
I'm sorry

However, the soft-mannered way of speaking and the neat atmosphere
A lot of smiles, the style is somehow group specification
A cute girl in her early twenties who works in apparel

The first time such a woman was born
It will challenge you to drink urine!
If you don't shoot this, you'll hit a drumstick!
I hope that those who are watching it will also enjoy it!

The reason for the blindfold is that I have a boyfriend so I don't want to get caught!

If you try to kiss
Because I have a boyfriend, kissing is a little ... on the contrary, it will sprout (the situation will be in the second part)

But Supponpon showed off
Full view to the hole in the butt
It feels like I'm embarrassed to laugh, isn't it?

In front of her lips, which is polite and neat like that
As usual, my rough chin is on standby
The liquid that pops out of the hole at the tip that became excited and half-erected
It ’s also a flight that is no longer needed.

Such a dirty yellow piss
Pour into her mouth with a kiss NG

For example, if I was a boyfriend
My girlfriend
I don't want to hear that I took the piss of an unfamiliar old man I just met in a real way!
But she says she's good ...

I have pissed

Eat delicious food yesterday
On her lips that kissed her beloved boyfriend
Uncle's piss was poured today

Keho! Koho!
I'm throating! It's fun!

Let's go the second time.
Pee that has accumulated firmly in the mouth


Oh ...!
↑ This state that unintentionally returns to too much taste
This realistic feeling is the work I continue to want to shoot
You can really watch this scene over and over again forever
I want everyone to enjoy it

The third time is urination with Ji ◯ Po in the mouth
Because she is an older sister who gives me a wonderful reaction
Really looking forward to
Peeing while holding Ji ◯ Po
Why are you so excited?
When you urinate vigorously toward the back of your throat
It's a reaction as expected with a gehogeho throat lol

Please wait for the second part for the remaining two times and the H scene.

1920 × 1080 mp4 about 10Mbps

Recording time 19 minutes 12 seconds

* We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with the law and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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