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She is bright and very easy to talk to.
Please tell us about your own erotic episodes
In fact, it turns out that she is a child who loves being lascivious!
Still she has no experience of drinking urine
It seems that today is the first day to drink pee
“You only have one life, so let’s try it!”
Thank you very much for your positive and happy words.

I like playing outdoors as well as indoors
She is a young girl with many hobbies, both sports and music.
She said that the playing part was apparently the saxophone
In her father's joke, "Which do you prefer, saxophone or sex?"
She's a real girl who answers with a smile

It is said that there is kai to drink pee.

So immediately in front of that face
I will submit her cock as a bolon.
On top of that, the piss that I endured and endured
In that wide open mouth
We will release it.

See thumbnail image.
For the first time in her life, this young lady tried someone else's nyo
It's a capture of the moment she's catching.
she is nice
get excited

after she drank
The expression that I don't know if it's okay or anxious

I want to see more and more sisters who seem to be in pain.

So for the second time.
This time, with a closer turtle than before
The moment when urine enters the mouth more clearly
And the sound when you send it down your throat
Goku and this is also a good sound that looks delicious lol
It's great to drink with great power

I'm very happy to see the scenes and sounds I wanted to see
Humans can't stop wanting
When you come this far, it seems like it can't be helped just to look at the uncle's nakedness.
Because I'm at a love hotel
What do you think, would it be possible for you to show me the soft-shelled turtle?
"I'm fine at all"

So, the third time is drinking urine with each other naked.
I want to pee directly in your sister's throat.
So it's not a blowjob, but please let me suck your cock all the way to her back
Pissing as it is

Goku-Goku-Goku-Goku! Gokyuu!

This sound in this scene is powerful
I really want everyone to watch and listen

Freshly squirted piss
Gachi Swallow!!

This is the work I continue for this moment.

I got carried away and urinated in my mouth quite a lot, so
Painful sister with teary eyes

As usual, the sequel will continue here...
It would be something like
This time it's an early release for the Obon season.
You can see the 4th and 5th installments in this work!


Who's fat! I'm running!

1920×1080 mp4 Approx. 7.5Mbps

Recording time 26 minutes 58 seconds

* We will explain the content of the shooting in advance and obtain your consent.
*We confirm that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with laws and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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