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YAMIKO -first part-


YAMIKO -first part-
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Yamiko-chan, a coterie AV model

Finally, we will be able to appear in "Tears Eye Challenge!"
However, because she is a blindfolded mast, Yamiko-chan
I can't see the tearful eyes...

And this is where my tears look like

I like drinking urine!
I'm excited!


Huh? Do you like drinking urine? Excited!?

This is likely to be the first pattern shoot.
First of all, Miko-chan is
A p***** girl who likes drinking urine that does not become teary eyes!

My dark and yellow real piss
Enjoying and drinking...!

That's why I started from the regular interview
You can see how well Yamako is doing
A flower blooms in the pee play story lol

The talk between people who like to drink urine is endless,
I am angry at the end of the first interview
Let's get naked right away!

Good-looking, smooth skin
THE Feels like naked.

And my cheepo is finally in front of Ms. Miko

From now on
How are you feeling?

"I'm excited ♡"

I’m so excited to have an erection
It's hard to pee, lol

But I will put it out
I will put pee in my mouth!

On Yamako's cute tongue
My dirty yellow piss hits
Gargling it in my mouth


I'm glad I bought a microphone with a little high directivity!
Real pee! Yamako-chan drunk!
Immediately after that, it is cute to lick the tongue!
(It's not a production, it's a serious reaction)

The second time I will draw urine with a similar drawing
Let's pour more than the beginning!
So, the urine that should be made into a toilet bowl
Yoriko's mouth vigorously
This time after rattling gargling...


"Wow, salty..."

A good reaction is the best.

Before the 3rd time
A tea and gargle break...
"It's okay!"
The urine dripping on the body is left as it is, and urine is further advanced.
As expected!

The third time, please hold Ji Po with your mouth firmly
I will leave it as it is
This time I can't see urine
I want to pour a little more to capture the movement and sound of my throat

Pissing while holding Ji Po is also erotic!
Everyone will surely understand!

I'll do it!!

Pee wrapped in the softness of the mouth
It was such a happy time for peeing

Goku... Goku! Goku! Goku!

A good amount of piss
Directly from the port without touching the air
Yamako's mouth, throat, stomach and body!

Have you been so excited
Ji Pobinbin does not give pee

Let me do it a little earlier! lol

Lie in bed
I kiss and lick my breasts!

A cute voice leaks a little so it's fun!

After the nipple, you can also lick this
It's cute to be shy again!
Yamiko, who can be licked defenselessly like this, is also a highlight

With your tongue and fingers
○ After playing with this content
Lick me too...

I'm sorry
The time for the first part has come here.

I haven't added any mosaic yet
Finally inserted by blowjob start (Gachi H)
And the remaining 2 cut urine (glass & bathroom)
A lot of sequels will be released next month

Before that, in this first part
I want you to fully enjoy being a person of Yamiko.
By all means, I would like you to see the front and rear parts together!

1920×1080 mp4 About 9Mbps

Recording time 22 minutes 39 seconds

*It has been confirmed that the model is 18 years old or older.
*We comply with laws and regulations and publish and sell it with the consent.
*Unauthorized reproduction of images and videos is prohibited.

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