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Aspiring Writer


Aspiring Writer
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Before shooting, I will go to the meeting after collecting some pee
I want you to drink as much as possible
Be patient as much as possible
I will fill up the inside of Voco and face shooting

Well, I've been doing this job for years
I'm used to controlling pee
This time we will meet at noon
From the thought that it is not good to pee after waking up

Without waking up piss
Meet with Boco with all night pee

……It's not good
I couldn't do it too much 💦

A cute female college student I met with much effort
I can't afford to talk happily
Immediately enter a nearby hotel
Ji ◯ Po on the verge of leaking
Unveiled in front of her 5 minutes after meeting

Drink it already!
I can not stand it!!

And suddenly urinate in the mouth
First experience of female college student (drinking urine)
I stole it like this!

It is a work called ......

Not a novel
The document. It is a realistic record.

So this time the other party is
A neat and clean lady who attends a liberal arts university
He seems to write a story himself,
I want to expand her expressiveness!
It is said that he will challenge to drink urine this time.

The first time ended before the interview
The same for the second time
Pour directly into your mouth

A young lady who rejects bad urine
Put it in your mouth.
Although I request
A reaction that spits out too much

No, this is also real, but ...
After all I want to take a rattling sound

The third time, with Ji ◯ Po in his mouth
Because you don't have to collect
Shooting instructions to drink as much as possible

Good luck!

It is poured directly into the throat from Ji ◯ Po
The darkest urine in the morning
Goku, Goku
It falls into the stomach through the throat of a female college student
Looks pretty tight
Tears come to my eyes a little
It ’s empty when you open your mouth
You can see that he really drank it
There is nothing to do!

And and
The showcase of this work is not only here

4th cup pool drinking urine
Curiously curious
Older sister staring at urination from Ji-Po
About half of the liquid in the cup
A ridiculous depth of pure yellow!

I'll vomit this ...
You used to drink it a while ago ...
Wow ...
I'm gonna let you drink it myself, but it's amazing

Well, the moment I brought that ridiculously thick urine to my mouth ...

As if it was filled with poison
Oeeeeee! !! !! !!
Buhhhhh! !! !! !!
Immediate vomiting !!
It tells the impact of rich urine in the morning

It's not a novel.
I'm apt!

This reaction is the work I want to shoot.
You can count on me

It seems to be painful
She behaves like "it's okay" to her temper
I'm sorry, let me drink pee ...

Still shooting continues
5 times promise

All the rest of Boco
Pour mercilessly into the mouth of a female college student
The camera is leaning and pulling
With the momentum that I always use as a toilet bowl
Pissing in the mouth of a female college student

To a stranger I just met
After the experience of being pissed in the mouth
What kind of story will this child be able to write?
I'm looking forward to it !!

1920 x 1080 mp4 about 9.5Mbps

Recording time 20 minutes 48 seconds

* We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with the law and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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