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This older sister came again.

My older sister who drank a lot of pee and semen last time!
This time, it is such a plan to try "eat" instead of "drink"!

The so-called "eater"

It is an example of an example of eating sperm on food.
Because I bought Chinese noodles this time, I will eat it with the noodles

As you know, Chinese noodles just bought at convenience stores, you often stick together unless you loosen them.

Since I can not help it, I will loosen the noodles first ... ...

── Peeing!

Instead of loosening water, liquid that does not need to jump out of the tip, urine, urine.

Stir them with chopsticks and let them eat as it is! Uncut until you eat it, of course!

All of our liquids are genuine, no fake!

It is easier to neutralize with the taste of food than to drink directly, I think that it is easy

The face is distorted by suffering to an unpleasant and unpleasant taste

Even though I had it seasoned seasonedly, my sister is rude.
Then this time collect piss in the cup
Why do not you eat it like sushi noodles?

Yellow urine collects in a transparent cup, and her sister dislikes it and eats noodles.

The Chinese noodle which passed through the urine drops into the mouth as it is, and passes through the throat to the stomach.

It is troublesome to go bother to eat?

I'll give you a container of Chinese noodles that I have in your sister's hand

Piss in bladder
I will in in the meal through meal

From scratchy Chinese noodles that have become literally dumpable again I have also scooped up some

My older sister will eat it.

Seriously sister in elder sister

I will say it many times, but I am truly rude to have seasoned it.


In fact, do you prefer a stronger taste, older sister

We will give the last seasoning to Chinese noodles of pee taste

Because it will not come out soon, I will have you with your mouth

Oh my god who comes and goes in your sister's mouth
Now things that are not pee are going to pop out from the hole in the end

Please get stuck in a strange cumshot together with Chinese noodles and eat it

However, although it is premature ejaculation, it does not come out so soon
Blowjob is also frustrating so bring your sister 's head to dupo jpo! It is so - called imamachio


Sister who seems to be suffering
It is scary today
I am gentle I am handjob at the end

Immediately before your sister's eyes, it's cool
Launch a large amount of sperm and entangle with noodles Old sister's mouth → throat → stomach
Of course it is uncut until I eat it after it goes out!

Impression after shooting
"I can not eat noodles for a while ... ..."

Recording time: 19 minutes 10 seconds 1920 × 1080 mp4

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