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Small animal


Small animal
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It's so cute.
She is a baby-faced girl with clear eyes who looks like a small animal.

She's cute enough to be in the idol world, and she's cute even when she's naked (though her teeth are a bit off).
Is it really okay to let a child like this drink urine?
My hand was shaking as I pressed the record button.
However, I pushed the REC firmly in and was able to capture a video of an old man's urine being gulped down his throat for the first time in his life!

It's cute, so it's priced aggressively.
Sorry if I'm not your type.
I'm very type.

First, let's check on your sister's personality.
I've never drank pee before,
I've never been drink pee,
A lovely girl with a smile who says she has never seen a video like that before.

Do you have a boyfriend? “Yes, I do.”
It's Sorya likely,
I felt half disappointed and half excited,
Right in front of this young lady I just met,
I take out her cock and pour her piss into a glass.

He also responded well.
In the hand of a girl who seems well-bred,
An old man's dirty urine that accumulates yellow.

Of course, it was uncut, and he put the cup to his lips and gulped it down vigorously. . .

If I stop, I'll be pissed
It is said that you can drink it better if you drink it vigorously.

It's true that you feel oozing after drinking it all.
The sick feeling in my stomach is so real.

It's too great.

Next time, let's get naked and drink each other's pee like we were born!
Let's get along! (I don't drink though)

So I'm in bed with Mappa.
This time, pour it directly into your mouth without going through the glass.
The reality of having such a cute girl drink my urine excites my cock,
I'm sorry but my sticky precum is coming out at the same time as I pee. Let's drink together lol.

I kissed my boyfriend yesterday (I don't know)
Collected in that cute and adorable mouth,
The smelly, dirty urine from the cock of an old man I just met.

I asked them to gargle it,
After spreading the urine all over your mouth, swallow it.
I was able to record a powerfully loud sound! The best!!

The third time is to suck and drink while the cock is being held in the mouth!
Just having the cock go into my mouth makes me cum (it's hard to pee).
However, he was willing to take on this challenge, which made me gulp!
The sound is really good, so please look forward to it.
There's no added sound, it's a really natural sound.
I got carried away and let out too much, so it ended up overflowing from my mouth. That's also erotic and emotional!

The fourth time was to collect urine while lying on the bed!
The patient's mouth is opened wide and is used as a container to collect urine.
The older sister said that it felt like there was pee in her throat all the time, and it felt disgusting.
Additional urination as if to add insult to injury.

You can clearly see the mouth full of urine.
And then the image and sound of the moment he swallows.
And an empty mouth was recorded.
A lot of the old man's dirty urine definitely went into this young lady's body.

The older sister is starting to feel even more sick in her belly and stomach...
After gargling and drinking tea many times, this is the fifth and final time to collect the bowl.
I wonder what the result will be during the year-end and New Year holidays (or anytime for those who bought it at other times).
I hope you enjoy watching it again and again.

It is a work that I personally am proud of and have watched over and over again.

Thank you everyone for taking part in this year's tearful challenge!
We look forward to your continued support next year.

1920×1080 mp4 approximately 7Mbps

Recording time 30 minutes 08 seconds

*We will thoroughly explain the content of the shoot and obtain your consent in advance.
*Models are confirmed to be over 18 years old.
*We comply with laws and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
*Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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