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Beautiful older sister with glasses
He / she came for the first experience of drinking urine and food!

No, is it okay as usual?
To such a beautiful sister
Two kinds of dirty liquids coming out of my
It ’s really ...

There are soba that I bought at a convenience store today!

Pour pee & semen to your side
I want you to enjoy it completely uncut from pouring to eating!

A beautiful woman who came to work
It ’s also the first time that I ’ve never taken urine.
First, instead of greeting
I will use that mouth like a urinal!

Stand on your lips
Start the first urination
The momentum could not be adjusted

Oh yeah! Sorry!
Suddenly urinating facial!

Aside from the worst and worst greetings of dirtying a woman's face with dirty urine
Pour the urine into the mouth and over the tongue
The first pee with a splash on the face and clothes
It ’s in my mouth ...
No, it was a drink!

Let's go more and more, this time with a pull
It ’s perfect that your sister is pissing real urine
It ’s thin, but the second time I ’ve dropped it in my throat

The soba is finally here

To soba noodles with ingredients on top
Natural hot soup, bukkake my piss
You will eat without cut

I'll have you eat it
Isn't there a little soy sauce?
This time I'm peeing with a turtle

Piss Tsuyudak soba
A beautiful older sister who eats while screaming
We had a food repo saying "It's a thick soup ..."

Now, I realize I was n’t serving drinks but only rice
No, really sorry, take out the cup
Offering hot yellow tea, high, of course urine

Because there was a lot in the bladder.
I will come out more and more, from Ji ○ port
Such a pee, your sister in various variations
Pour into the throat and stomach
I'm going to drink while saying "I have resistance ..."
No, it was a little less
I'll be able to drink with the addition of urine.

I ca n’t stop when I ’m here.
Drinking urine at the bathroom
Let's pour all the rest of the bladder into your sister's mouth!

Because it ’s a bathroom, there ’s no longer any reservation.
Just switch the mouth instead of a toilet bowl
Please check your sister's best with your own eyes.

Well, just drinking urine is not the end
To the left side
This time I'll have you eat sperm
So-called food

Of course this is also uncut until you eat everything
All the liquids that come out in my work are real and have no fake!

Pee and semen
Shooting ends when mixed in the stomach of your sister

P.S.The remaining buckwheat was delicious by two people

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Recording time 44 minutes 17 seconds

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* In compliance with laws and regulations, we publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images and videos is prohibited.

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