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Can't drink


Can't drink
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"My mouth stinks..."
A lot of urine is poured into the mouth
Older sister who says so with teary eyes

She has already taken many pictures.
It's amazing when you think about it
In the mouth of a girl I just met
I thought you were going to use the toilet as you should.

This may be a normal (amateur's) natural reaction.
Normally, you can't drink, can't you?

First of all, urine collection in the car today
"It stinks..."
It seems that there is considerable resistance to odors
A sister who seems to break her heart already at the first time
Look at the smelly urine that has accumulated in the cup
Older sister seriously worried about whether to stop or not
Still, she finally made up her mind...
The taste is also somewhat disgusting~!!
Your comment is the best

Let's move to the hotel and start with the usual interview!
My heart is already broken today and I'm going to throw up
I made her drink without knowing anything about her
I heard that you are a college student.
A female college student who seems to have low tension from beginning to end.
For the time being, I'll have her take off her clothes and show her a soft-shelled turtle.
The shape of the boobs is super beautiful!

Contrary to this tension
An older sister who seems to be quite uneasy
I can't force myself to shoot
If it is absolutely impossible, I will talk about canceling the shooting

Even if you open your mouth in front of the cock
Sister who can't open easily
Ah, I wonder if this is a bit difficult to continue shooting...

Older sister who pauses for a while and thinks
Even if you don't drink it, just put it in your mouth, I will negotiate.
But in the end, of course, I'll leave it to my sister's decision.
After deliberation
Because my sister said yes
Even if you don't drink, pouring ●ko into your mouth
decided to challenge

The mouth is used as a toilet bowl
I can smell the toilet... cries
A female college student who reacts with
This kind of experience seems to be rare in normal student life.

Continuing the second challenge
Mouth release in the same way
I will go to gargle as soon as I say that my mouth smells bad

"Since I came here," the older sister has already made up her mind
The third time is drinking while holding a cock in bed
Keep the urine collected from the cock in the mouth
The challenge of whether or not you can drink it
Please see the main part for the result
I hate it, but I'm going to fuck you in the mouth of an active female college student
It feels really good

Finally, the urine remaining in Boco
Pour everything to your sister and finish
clean teeth and gaps
Tongue, lips, and all mucous membranes of the mouth
Uncle's dirty urine is poured for a relatively long time
Smell and taste permeate

I think I took a lot of good pictures.
The amount I swallowed was small, so please have H in the bonus scene
It's the usual premature ejaculation and the scale is short
I'm fucking a female college student I just met.

1920×1080 mp4 about 4.5Mbps

Recording time 38 minutes 11 seconds

* We will explain the content of the shooting in advance and obtain your consent.

*We confirm that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with laws and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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