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Chugging Piss


Chugging Piss
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Today, too, it is a prey of de hentai photography ...
Not for shooting documentary movies that give courage and excitement
I have found an older sister who will cooperate!

While saying "I feel sick"
It jumps out from a man who just met
Excrement, piss

For the first time in my mouth, in my throat, my throat, and my stomach

The girl who came today is a girl with strong eyes
While saying that I'm nervous, I'll be completely naked

Yes, in the form of being born each other today
Let's drink natural things (I do not drink even one drop ...)
It is a very elegant and meaningful time (different)

First of all, in front of the slightly withdrawn sister's mouth
Standby the 〇 〇 started to break slightly

And in the same way as the toilet bowl

ゲ ゲ Gehoge hogeho!

Gave a good reaction
Soon after, the taste of shock ... lol

With tears eyes, gokkun
He dropped a dirty piss to the back of my throat

"Was warm" "I'm sick"
An older sister who brings up a disgusting look

I'm sorry, but I can not finish it yet

Next is urination in draw

Let me open my mouth
Mouth urinating real pee vigorously
After drinking and making a rattling

Gehho! Get it!
And a nice reaction again

This is why I can not stop this shooting!

On the contrary to me
My sister's face is more drawn
I regret that I came ...

I see
Then please drink while sleeping next time w

Dirty pissing excreted excuseively
Next time I will have a rattle garnish
The same sound as the bathroom when you came home from outside
Piss in the mouth jumps
Do not spit, strictly please drink with it.

My sister's tears are not over

Because there are many wonderful moments
Also put Replay
With the second camera I brought with great care
Drinking urine shot from another angle

have fun

Next is the fourth time
While observing the yellow and muddy mouth
Let me hear the fourth poke

This sister
I have been drinking everything seriously until now!
Even disgustingly distracting the expression
While calling continuously "I feel sick"
I love this attitude to work hard, I love you

Well, the last five times
Lastly a large amount of urine
Piss collected like draft beer in a glass

Resound the 3rd sound
I will go to you

No, I really do have a good drink
Let the English title of this work also be Chugging Piss
(Translation · pee poke licking)

Such a drink also Replay from another angle

Older sister who never sees
Please put a lot of my urine in your stomach and go home

1920 x 1080 mp4 about 10.5Mbps

Running time 19 minutes 16 seconds

※ We confirm that model is 18 years old or older.
※ Comply with laws and regulations, and publish and sell under consent.
※ Reproduction without permission such as images and videos is prohibited.

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