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Teary eyes -first part- 1,800YEN (TAX INC.)
Teary eyes -first part-
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What kind of movie are you making?
And, when asked by New, I want to see Kore first!
A work of the feeling, that is, a work of finished good even if it is a masterpiece work was made!

Of course, even for everyone who drinks urine who always purchases
Convincing quality

· First shot
· Reality

It is super-recommended urine gonzo work which met three beat!
By all means, please see the previous and the second pair together!

In that you are making a fetish movie
A female college-style girl who applied with a light feeling
I tried to meet you because I have time from now!

Nude and H are not there ~ (There is drinking urine, but lol)
The girl who came for me
Being more cute than I imagined, I reacted with Pikun as soon as I saw him
Let's go into Love Ho and turn the camera right away
First of all, I'm starting from an interview about what kind of girl I am

Smile is bright, polite way to speak and neat
It is good that you can let this pretty child drink urinate from now!

To me who has increased tension
I hear the whispers of the devil
Is it okay if I can just return with pee as it is ...?

Negotiating at the end of the interview, it is now possible to do Nantes! H!
Let's change jobs and become a negotiator!

Well it was good ~
Even though my first drinking urine scene is worth it
You can show naked cute pant voice as well!

To the question of? Can I insert it properly?
That shy answer "yes" embarrassingly
It is already ginkgo tree just by that, lol

A girl who had no intention of showing naked up a few minutes ago
I will take off quickly in front of the camera
I will carefully observe the nakedness which I have not cleaned or prepared yet!

Oppomonuma O O ○ gotta have a hole in the buttocks, so I'm out a bit so I hide the stomach to hide
Sister who is shyly embarrassed with all seen


I would like to use the mouth of such a pretty older sister now instead of toilet

I was excited to have a half-eyed chi, in front of my mouth a standby
I have been holding the piss for a while since I got contact.
Awkwardly opening the mouth in the mouth
Dirty white cloudy piss is poured!
No, sorry ...... Sometimes it was a shooting so suddenly ......
Piss is quite dense, cloudy and dirty
I had the urine collected in my mouth to drink like a chicken!

Sister who seems to be spicy with watery eyes
While I kept quiet and sore, I got everything drunk

Let's take this with drawing
Facial expression when urine hits the mouth
I am sorry I distorted such a cute face so much
Still it asked me to go down to my throat
I can remember the impression that I'm all right "and show a smile

Well, as I got a little drink of pee that was a limit of patience
A slightly neat bladder
Because your sister is also painful in a row, drinking urine gets a little break
Let 's start with H first!

Piss relieve erection Chiko
Let's lick it with cute mouth

To a sister who gently and politely licks
Ride in and get it licked up to the ball
At the end of the funeral I made it lick to the hole of the butt!

Your sister's soft and warm wet tongue
I stimulate the anal directly, It feels good!

I'm bad just being done, so I will lick you from here
First off from kiss
Sister whose voice comes out just by kiss
I guess it's a little salty ... .... It might be the rest of my pea ... ...

Oppa as well as licking
My sister panting while plucking "An" ❤

Embarrassingly the figure that mutters say "... ...." is also the best!
It is really cute!

I also can not stand it because I want to insert a little more!
I will fill up my sister with the erection of a quack
A big voice comes all the way to your sister
Keep holding your sister and hug you
While listening to the pant voice close to you, I will just keep waiting

This is the first part.

1920 × 1080 mp 4 Approx. 8 Mbps

Recording time 25 minutes 55 seconds

※ We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
※ We comply with laws and regulations and publish · sell under agreement.
※ Unauthorized reproduction of images, movies, etc. is prohibited.

【Tags】  drinking piss drinking pee urine pee piss bathuria gonzo cute teary eyes first shot amateur
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