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Keep secret -first part-


Keep secret -first part-
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The cute older sister who came today
It seems that there is a shooting model experience with panchira etc.
However, as expected, he has no experience of drinking urine, so he has plenty of urine today.
I want her to drink my piss.

She says that her main business is an office worker and she has a boyfriend
No way she's a boyfriend and my girlfriend is here right now
Staring at the state of pee jumping out of the cock and collecting in the cup
you never dreamed
The first urine I drank was yellow and accumulated
With teary eyes, bring it to your mouth little by little.
A lovely smiling older sister frowns at her face and occasionally chokes
This is a video work that will still make you drink.

It looks painful, what should I do, eh, do I really have to drink this?
That expression seriously worrying about whether to drink or not
Please enjoy the tragic feeling that changes from the smile.

After swallowing
It feels so bad that I almost want to throw it back
I think the real pleasure of drinking urine is that scene.
This time, we were able to record the situation perfectly.

It's really painful and erect... I'm starting to feel sorry for you
proceed to the second challenge

Next time I will urinate directly into my mouth
It seems that it is NG to get your clothes dirty, so I ask you to take off all of them.
When I see a good style naked, my chest and cock swell in expectation

Resuming shooting with each other as soft-shelled turtles
A cute older sister who catches fresh urine in a seiza position (having a boyfriend)
The sense of immorality of a dream!
My pee overflowing from my mouth because it's too much
Liquids that should not be in the mouth are actually there!
Real urine left in my mouth
If you listen closely, it will make a "goku" sound and drop down your throat.

A polite, obedient, neat and cute older sister with a boyfriend
It's so much fun to let such a child drink pee!
The third time is PISS SHOT of whole body projection.
Piss slammed directly into the back of the throat from the cock
I will do my best to drink even the spilled and fallen in the bowl
The expression of coughing and suffering is realistic. (Highlight)

The end of the first part is the usual PISS SHOT while having the cock sucked.
The reason why the cock moves in her mouth is because she is urinating.
The amount is too much and the gesture of holding your mouth with your hand is really cute!
She was a wonderful older sister with a perfect score of 100. Please look forward to the sequel.

1920×1080 mp4 about 8.5Mbps

Recording time 22 minutes 48 seconds

*We confirm that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with laws and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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