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THE INJECTION -first part-


THE INJECTION -first part-
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[Postscript for resale] When I was organizing my hard disk, I came across a video of the first time I put a toilet in a woman's body, so I would like to share it. Because it is a fairly early work, the image quality is poor, the lighting is not brought in, and the editing is rough, but I think it is natural and real, so please take a look. I insert raw and actually urinate in the vagina. It's real pee, so please enjoy it. Well, it's an older sister that I've met a few times. After kissing my lovely nipples, I ask them to lick my things. Turn your back as it is and lick the unwashed butthole. It's disgusting to play anal and make a clattering sound! Then move to the bed and have them become a soft-shelled turtle. 【So far】

* Please see Part 1 for uncut vaginal urination.

You can still pee even if you have an erection.

The pee that comes out as much as you want,
Inside her body without being exposed to the outside air...

The result is... in the main story!!

Her thoughts are... in the main story!!

Of course, after that, I will have H!!

The inside of the vagina covered with pee is hotter than usual,
Preeminent ejaculation induction degree mixed with pussy juice!

On top of that, the meat wall in the back that tightens...

It is recommended to pee inside before H!?

Scenes where you suddenly meet and lick unwashed cocks and buttholes are also included!!

This time it's a little long, so it's divided into two parts.

In the first part, after licking the cock and ass hole, pee is injected!!

The second part is plenty of H using the vagina covered with pee!

At the end, a large amount of semen is shot into the mouth!

Both the upper and lower mouths were the body fluids of a man I didn't know ^ ^

Recording time: 15 minutes 53 seconds 1920 x 1080 mp4

*We confirm that the model is over 18 years old.
*Comply with laws and regulations.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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