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Uterus is happy


Uterus is happy
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I've put together a list of her works.

1. First appearance (first urine drinking)

2. Raw sex and creampie

3. Vaginal urination and creampie (explosion)

4.Normal rubber fit

5. Reunion after 5 years (drinking urine)

6. Pee Chazuke

I counted and this is the 7th work. In other words, the calculation is that the cock has already entered this girl six times.

After having sex so much, even though it's work, we get along so well that we start to feel like friends.
During the interview, there was no tension between us and the interview was very frank.
The result is a video that looks like two people in this state almost forgetting the camera and playing with vaginal urination and drinking urine!

I go out drinking with friends, go to karaoke, go on trips, and do a lot of other things.
The most fun thing to do is to have a cock inserted raw and pee and ejaculate! So,
Please enjoy the natural atmosphere with more fixed points than usual.

The scene where the camera position is checked is also almost uncut!

So, after a frank interview, let's get to know each other straight away.
I've started to like showing it off.
I asked her to spread her pussy wide open.
The hole that will now wrap around my cock makes my heart pound with excitement.
And today, I will continue to pee and cum with the cock inside my pussy.

In order to insert it, the penis must be erect.
I'm sorry for being a hungry old man.
I will rub your breasts and make out with you.
After erection, carefully adjust and check the camera position.
This will allow you to properly capture the moment when the pee pops out after urinating inside the vagina.
This making-of scene is also delivered without cuts!

The scene where two people seem to be having a serious meeting is also a highlight.

Now that the camera position has been determined,
I'm finally trying to release the urge to urinate that I've been holding back.
Of course, don't wear rubber today.
I'm going to put my cock in it raw.

Intertwining live feels so good
I forget the original purpose of urinating and rub it.
No, no, no
So let's continue to pee like this!

Warm liquid that spreads inside the vagina

As men know, urinating while erect is difficult.
Still, little by little, surely
Her urine is filling and staining her insides.

Then, after urinating to some extent, I pull out my cock.
My pee drips from her vagina.
What an amazing sight! It's a real thing, so this is serious.

Next time, I'll have you crawl on all fours.
You can insert your cock from behind.
I wish I could take more footage of it popping out.
After all, I have a huge erection so it's hard to pee.
If this happens, the only option is to ejaculate once and weaken the erection.

I'm thinking of letting the sperm come out first as I insert it raw.
It came out, without pulling it out, I started urinating in the vagina!!

After all, it's easier to get it out if it's half erect.
Please see the thumbnail image. This amount jumped out of her! It was amazing!!

My sister also has pressure on her uterus.
He said it felt good.
Please do this for your girlfriend or her wife in the future.

So I was able to take some really nice pictures.
I'm sure this alone won't satisfy you, right?
I get angry at the customers who always buy from me.
After all, there needs to be a scene where you make them drink.

So pour everything left in the bokho into the bowl.
...I didn't have as much intention left as I expected.
It hardly comes out...
Problems like this are proof that you are using real urine.

Leaving aside that excuse
I ask my sister to wait a moment for the new urine to collect.
This kind of technique is also possible because you and your sister are friends.
After talking for about 30 minutes, the moment when he gulps down the urine that has accumulated is also recorded perfectly.
The gurgling sound is very clear.
After all, I can't finish without taking this photo.

This work is now complete!


After filming ended, we were already friends.
We talked about having some sex and heading home.
It's also fixed, but I was rotating it.
I hope you can also see some normal private sex.
This is a bonus video.
She's a responsive girl who moans cutely, so please enjoy that as well.

1920×1080 mp4 approximately 4.5Mbps

Recording time 38 minutes 02 seconds

*We will thoroughly explain the content of the shoot and obtain your consent in advance.
*Models are confirmed to be over 18 years old.
*We comply with laws and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
*Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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