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A sleek and tall model sister who wants to be a model.
Such an older sister who applied for interest
I think that I will drink man's urine matured enough in the bladder!

Nope-with such a preeminent style
It's a bright girl who doesn't have a tsunzan
It's the first time I'm born to drink another man's pee, a strange man's pee ...

There was no pseudonym, the first experience of drinking uri in the real pee scene, a nice video was taken this time too.
Please enjoy it carefully!

Well, what appeared in the meeting place
Model figure style preeminent beauty
The legs are thin and tall, and I'm nervous just by going into a love hotel with such an older sister and two

I am kind and bright when I speak
Good looking personality of Nori and character.
You will be challenged to take urine for the first time.

I've been wearing my favorite clothes
An older sister who turned into a pop and it didn't like getting wet
I will continue to store in a camera the appearance of a single thread

At first I stand in front of the lips which made the 〇 co
Yellow urine jumps out from the half erection which repeated patience!

It seems that the shock was more than imagined
Distinguish a beautiful face into pain and let go of it ...!
And dash to the bathroom ...!

Yes, this is a work I want to make.
Thank you smile

Let's go on and on
This time, it is drinking urine as it is projected on the whole body in a drawing.

This time, I picked up the loud noise that my throat moved!
It is the moment when my pee flows into my sister's body.
The appearance that it is likely to return with "Oe" immediately after is also realistic

I will go still
Have it stored in your mouth in the sleeping position
Drink all that you have in the cup
Sister who gives a good reaction every time
Please check the wonderful response by all means!

In the last of the urine
Let's stop at the scene of a large amount of urination in the bathroom!
All that remains in the bladder
Take out your sister's beautiful mouth!

It is finished in a good work with plenty of shooting.

In the mouth full of bitterness, saltiness and intense mash of pee
Let's go home with sperm and come home!
Shikoshiko in front of my sister ...
An older sister who says "Wow!"

Until the end it was a happy, cheerful and lovely sister drinking urine from a good reaction!

1920 x 1080 mp4 about 5.5Mbps

Duration 35 minutes 45 seconds

※ We confirm that model is 18 years old or older.
※ Comply with laws and regulations, and publish and sell under consent.
※ Reproduction without permission such as images and videos is prohibited.

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