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Boney -first part-


Boney -first part-
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I try to drink urine collected in my mouth
It's hard to get through the throat ...

Drink half and feel sick ...
Oh ─ ─!

Sounds good
it's the best

The figure of hard work and the excitement of pee that surpasses it

This time it was a teardrop challenge for such first drinking urine experience
A fierce skinny slender 22-year-old sister!
I gave this girl a bit more drink, so my body volume almost became my pee ... lol

Such an older sister who seems to break if you hold her, drink plenty of urine
In addition, H's last confidence in 2019,
Stars are also good, but please enjoy this too!

First of all, as usual, we will ask you to become a person.
Older sister who speaks well from tension
Thank you for coming to drink a piss of an unknown man even though there seems to be a boyfriend

I'm too patient today
Because the bladder is marginal, you can immediately drink it while you are drinking
My sister had a glass of yellow urine in her hand
A few minutes after meeting, I had a drink with Gokuri!

Where an unknown man's urine enters the stomach
Let me take off my clothes
Observe the nakedness of the intense skinny slender

...... I thought I was going to hurry
Suddenly embrace the body that seems to break and kiss!

No, a new sensation!

While observing the small body of a thin body
Shower, then bed ...
To be honest, I've never been with a crazy girl so far
I can't help but want to insert a point quickly.
Even if it is not yet wet
Push in the erection and be the best!

Hold the body that seems to break tightly as it is the piston
A big panting voice echoes in the room where it comes from

After plunging into the back and having fun for a while
I will continue drinking urine!

Next is not a cup
Pour pee directly from your mouth

In mouth, back of teeth, on tongue
Gachi's piss collects yellow
It bubbles yellow and undulates
Closed mouth and trying to swallow as much as possible
Of course the camera is uncut

How long to keep dirty urine in the mouth
It still seems resistance to swallow

With momentum--

Oh, good sound was recorded!

I swallowed everything I had in half-crying
This time I'll take a picture with a drawing, so lol

Of course drawing is uncut
Take a picture from pouring to poking
Older sister, you ca n’t drink right away
I'll collect it in my mouth

It seems to be a strategy to swallow little by little
It seems to be painful whenever I can hear the sound

Finally from the stomach to the throat
The urine flows back from the throat to the mouth, vomiting,

Natural body reaction that sends foreign objects out of the body ...

In the form of apologizing "I'm sorry" with tears
I'm erected in Gingin and I'm sorry

This is the first part.
The second part will be released later this year!
Please edit together!

1920 × 1080 mp4 approx.8.5Mbps

Recording time 23 minutes 29 seconds

* The model is confirmed to be over 18 years old.
* In compliance with laws and regulations, we publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images and videos is prohibited.

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