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idol -first part-



Congratulations to all of you watching right after the release.
Everyone that you can see at a later time, Hello!

Nowadays, we want many girls to drink pee in 2020 ...
This is the first time she has ever been drinking urine.


It was worth the wait in the cold!

We are surprised at meeting place!

What came there was a pretty girl with a cute baby face and a charming idol class!
And a pretty pretty type of sister with black hair & slightly anime voice!

I can't make a disappointing work for the memorable first release in 2020
An angel who fell when he was worried

I can't afford this luck!
I want everyone to have plenty of fun!

Well, first, as usual, interview

Who are you in front of the camera?
Who are you drinking a man's piss from now?

…… and the tension is increased by being too cute

But one unfortunate thing is ...

She tried to drink urine too! H was also okay, but she wanted to catch up with the last train, so she didn't have much time!

It only takes about an hour until the last train, but you must not be able to take such a cute lady!
I definitely want to show everyone!

I am premature ejaculation for such a case!

(I want you to taste the atmosphere of raw reality, so I usually use scenes that are usually cut
Please also see the exchange in no time ……)

So I will press the record button immediately

Let's get naked with no briefing and simple explanation
In front of the guy I just met
I want to see it all the time, but I don't have much time so let me drink piss

A black-haired girl with blunt eyes that fires "scary ..."
Open the mouth widely, in the same way as a toilet bowl,


Real piss stains the mouth of a clean sister
Please enjoy the reaction in the main part

The second cut will be pulled
The piss that I put up hits my sister's throat directly

Geho, Geho ...!

"Momentum", "taste", "egumi" and "hXXXXXXXXXn" that stimulate the throat

I can't stand the painful, sad and sad expression
And the third cut of tears as it is

With tears in eyes, with a man's urine in his mouth ...
"... drinking ..."

………… Goku ……!

The sound of apt piss going through her sister's throat, captured by a highly directional microphone
Must-see / must-listen

It's too valuable, and we have specially prepared mp3 for watching the scene.
First, listen to the sound alone!

How is it?

4th cut, urinate as it is in bed
Have the piss accumulated in the mouth rattle and gargle
I'm sorry I got my nose and hair dirty !!

This is the first part.

1920 × 1080 mp4 about 13Mbps

Recording time 15 minutes 28 seconds

* We confirm that model is 18 years old or older.
* Compliance with laws and regulations and release / sale with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images and videos is prohibited.

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