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Teary eyes -later part-


Teary eyes -later part-
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※ This is the second part. Please enjoy together with the first part!

What kind of movie are you making?
And, when asked by New, I want to see Kore first!
A work of the feeling, that is, a work of finished good even if it is a masterpiece work was made!

Of course, even for everyone who drinks urine who always purchases
Convincing quality

· First shot
· Reality

It is super-recommended urine gonzo work which met three beat!
By all means, please see the previous and the second pair together!

Well, the second part is the start from the woman on top posture.

I did not intend to do it, but it seems that it hurts a bit ... ...
This is good! This is the real reaction of an amateur girl!
Because it is not comfortable even if you continue forcibly
Challenge back with changing position

While observing the small shape of the small butt
If you slowly insert Chiko and push it
"Oh no ... well ... well!"
A sister who accepts Chiko of a man who has just met so hard not to know
You can hear the sound that Zubuzub and Chiko Tama are rubbing
A cute pant voice also sounds

After enjoying H, enjoy the second half of drinking urine
Have my mouth opened in a sleeping state
I will pour the pee there
I promise you that I will fly toward my face after a momentum
I will let the rattle rattle as it is on the face
There are also urinating piss and odor in the mouth ... ...
I got a sound to make it drink as it was

Next time I will drink it in a cup
Once the urine poured into the glass, the odor gets kicked
The older sister who seems to be the most
Just wonder just odor
As soon as I put it in my mouth I get rampant with jitter (?)
Watery eyes, even while becoming half crying
I drank the whole glass, I'm a child

End of drinking in the bathroom
Piss that remains in the bladder, I will pour it all over here
Let me open your mouth wide
Pot urine for a long time ...
Yellow urine that can not fit in every mouth
It really overflows from my mouth ... ...
It is the end by drinking off the amount that was collected last

"I do not want to drink any more"
I was able to fit the first and last drinking urine in a batch camera!

At the end I will send out sperm and go home!
Well it hurts a bit but I will be inserted at the normal position!

I got a brilliant face right away, a sister who panting so much
Body is also twitchy, Sheets also gutter
It seems to be really comfortable
"It feels good"
To say it in honorific words will also moan

Hold my hand and kiss me
After having tasted plenty of sister's body
In the eyes and mouth of a cute face
A lot of rich cumshot is poured and shooting is over!

1920 × 1080 mp 4 About 10 Mbps

Recording time 20 minutes 45 seconds

※ We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
※ We comply with laws and regulations and publish · sell under agreement.
※ Unauthorized reproduction of images, movies, etc. is prohibited.

【Tags】 drinking piss drinking pee urine pee piss bathuria gonzo cute teary eyes first shot amateur
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