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Bottoms up


Bottoms up
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Who came here today
Kirekawa older sister who seems a little uneasy.
That should be it
Both pee and semen
This is my first experience of never drinking!

No ~
That kind of person applied
My piss and semen that I put up with patience
I'm trying to drink it for the first time in my life
It's a good time lol

There is only one hard part of this job
That's where you have to put up with pee so much
I'm already an adult
It's almost leaking ... often

But in the mouth of the older sister I met for the first time
Imagine the pleasure of being able to urinate to your heart's content
It's definitely bad for you, but I'm going to shoot it in my bladder

You can see a lot of the results today
Even with this momentum
Piss slammed in the back of your sister's throat
I definitely want you to see it!

By the way, as soon as we met, we entered the hotel and were alone
Let's start with an interview

Hmmmm. I hear a lot of stories
Nothing comes into my head lol

I want to drink urine quickly and conversation is moderate
Immediately Ochin ○ Nporori
Stand by in front of your sister's face

The expression that seems to be super anxious is very good

Pissing in the mouth for the first time
First of all, why do you collect it in your mouth?

With the mouth of a stranger's piss
An older sister with an uneasy look
"Shall we drink?" "... Goku"
It ’s a job I ’m continuing for this moment.
First time drinking urine
A mixed expression of anxiety and regret
Please enjoy yourself

The second shot was taken with a drawing
I'm sorry I spilled a little on my favorite plain clothes
Still, he drank it
Tell me it's okay!
An older sister who is cute and has a nice personality
I can't get my lady's clothes dirty anymore

So the third time
Have them hold Ji Po and urinate as it is → have them drink
Please increase the volume and listen
Piss flows into the throat from the mouth while holding Ji Po
In the stomach with plenty of gulp

He's doing his best!

I'm anxious and I don't like it
I'm drinking pee without complaining
I think I can go a lot more

I will collect a lot in a familiar glass and hand it over
Then ...
Drink almost all at once !!

It ’s a drink that is definitely not delicious
In the figure that is doing so hard
I'm sure everyone will be impressed!

At the end with all the pee left in the bladder
With the momentum to hit the back of the throat
Use the little mouth of your cute sister as a urinal

Mouth, body and clothes are soaked in pee
The inside and outside of my body have become peey.

Good luck
From Ji Po who is very excited about the situation
I can't pee anymore
Another one is likely to come out
It ’s not good to chew yourself

With that mouth and lips that just swallowed pee
I have a deep blowjob
It feels good! It really feels good!
Relentlessly as it is
Buru Buru Buru and mouth launch
Sperm that has accumulated in the mouth in pure white

This is also the first time I was born
I got swallowed and finished shooting

This time I look uneasy
(I'm sure you don't like it)
Still, do your best until the end
He drank pee & semen
Super valuable video of Kirekawa older sister

I want you to enjoy it over and over again.

1920 x 1080 mp4 about 8Mbps

Recording time 24 minutes 51 seconds

* We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with the law and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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