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Drink all -first part-


Drink all -first part-
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The one who came this time is an older sister who has never been born to drink urine.
Thank you for the child who came to shoot me
There are many children who are really serious, honest and do their best

It's not a little soft!
The urine that I have accumulated in my bladder
It ’s an older sister who came with a promise to drink.

Suffering and regret are mixed in the impact of the first taste

Still as promised in the end
The older sister who drank all my pee
It is a super valuable first shot urine work (There is also H in the second part)

So let's record from the annual interview!

I miss my boyfriend for a while
A lovely older sister with a lovely smile
He seems nervous because he has never drank pee.
Fun lol

I don't want to spill on my clothes
It's been about 15 minutes since we met, but let's become a supponpon!

Peek out of the pink bra
The smaller pink nipples are cute (Ji ◯ Po reacts)

If you take off the bottom
Slender legs are good style!
I want to see the important parts firmly
It's cute to be shy with M-shaped spread legs!
(Let's put up with patience)

After that, I also saw the butt, and the anal was also close-up
After a lot of female body observation, it's finally ...

This is my first experience of drinking urine !!

I also got naked and Ji-Po was in front of her.
Pour the urine collected in the bladder into the wide open mouth.

Dirty piss that collects yellow in a cute mouth
It mixes with patience juice and has a little viscosity and is more dirty.

Goku ...!
(Please turn up the volume only here, you can hear it clearly, the sound of pee passing through your sister's throat)

Please see the reaction of your sister in the main story.

The second time I will go with a camera fixed drawing
It's hard to get out because it's erected
Only patience juice laughs in your sister's mouth
Challenge again!
Pissing that hits the throat vigorously this time!

The third time, with Ji ◯ Po being held
Challenge to have you drink as it is
I have you hold an erection Ji ◯ Po just like a blowjob.

Pissing a lot with your sister's mouth as a urinal

With a rattling sound
Please enjoy the movement of your throat!

I feel sick ... I'm about to vomit ...
But the challenge is still going on

For the 4th time, collect it in a cup and have it drink
Male urine collected in bright yellow in a transparent glass

The camera is of course uncut until you get out of Ji Po and go to your sister's stomach

Pee that has accumulated more than half in a large cup
Gokugokugokugoku, do your best and drink apt
(You can hear it perfectly without raising the volume lol)
This is the first part.
Please enjoy watching it many times !! The second part will be released on 21.8.20.

1920 x 1080 mp4 about 8Mbps

Recording time 24 minutes 05 seconds

* We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with the law and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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