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Virgin's Drinking pee


Virgin's Drinking pee
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An older sister who worked at the airport.
When I first heard that she drank pee
I think she thought, "Whoa!?"
She said, ``Maybe I can do it if I try hard...''
She is an older sister who will challenge you to drink urine for the first time.

This older sister
Apparently she has dated two people before.
Surprisingly, I have 0 experience with H.
From now on, I am going to make a virgin drink my urine.
(But it seems like she has experience swallowing cum, so I guess it was just a blowjob.)

Well, before I change my mind
Let's have a drink from a cup first.
I urinate the urine I've been holding back into a glass.
The clear glass will fog up from the warmth of the glass.
The dirty liquid from the cock was about half collected under it.

It's like pouring down summer barley tea.
An older sister who drinks everything.
``It's more drinkable than I expected,'' so I'm looking forward to drinking it all.

The second time, it was directly from the cock.
I want to pour it into my sister's cute mouth.
There's no point in getting her clothes dirty.
I'm thinking of giving each other a drink.

Cock standby in front of your mouth as usual
I just pee in a place that isn't even a toilet bowl.
You can see how the yellow urine penetrates between the sister's teeth.
The gulp sound can also be recorded, indicating that the child has swallowed properly.

Rather than thinking about myself being made to drink an old man's piss.
I'm worried about the hotel bed getting dirty.
To a sister with such a wonderful personality
I'm going to make you drink a lot of pee three more times lol.

The third time I shoved my cock into her mouth
A sadistic situation where she decides to urinate as it is.
Pour directly down her throat
The sound your throat makes when you gulp is really emotional!
When I looked at it later, I saw that he had been giving it for about 2 minutes (though it was a small amount).
During that time, he has been drinking healthily all the time.
I was able to take some really good footage.

Even though she is a virgin sister
It's fun to see you drinking so much
I can't help but think that she has many different children.
For the fourth time, I asked her to hold it in her mouth for a while.
Let's ask them to gargle their urine.

The pee foaming in the mouth is amazing!
Can you tell from the thumbnail image?
It's very interesting to watch the video, so I recommend it ^^
My pee is foaming in your sister's mouth~lol
Of course I gulp it all down.

This is how my pee is inside my stomach
To the older sister who became puffy
The final urination as if to add insult to injury
With the same tension as slamming into the toilet bowl
Excrete all the urine into your sister's mouth
bowl reservoir
I swallowed it all and finished drinking urine.

No way
Even though she's a virgin, she drinks a lot
"It's so much ammonia..."
I also received the impression that
I was able to take some great pictures today!

His cock is fully erect from the good drinking.
Finally, let your sister collect the results of your excitement.
Even though she's a virgin, she's good at giving blowjobs (maybe she's really a virgin)
Just ejaculate a lot in your mouth
The shooting is finished. (Of course that's also cum)

1920×1080 mp4 approximately 6.5Mbps

Recording time 31 minutes 39 seconds

*We will thoroughly explain the content of the shoot and obtain your consent in advance.
*Models are confirmed to be over 18 years old.
*We comply with laws and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
*Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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