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In my daily life
"Yes! Let's drink pee!"
The transcendent cute beauty sister who seems to never think

I will take on a challenge for this one time!
It is a confident work (w) of tears and excitement, which is suitable for the 6th year commemoration of our founding, recommended!

By the way, today we meet early in the morning
In that case, it is useless to do the first pee in the morning.
So, while I was sleeping, I took the yellow super-rich urine that had accumulated in my bladder
I want to pour it into my sister!

From the first interview, you can feel the anxiety.
Before I changed my mind, I took off my pants immediately
Stand by a dirty thing in front of your sister's beautiful face.

Little by little yellow piss
Into your sister's mouth, a place that should never be done
Chorororo ...

The taste of shock!

Please enjoy the reaction carefully in this volume.

Urine is still going on. This time with a drawing.
It is uncut without cutting the area where the camera is set.
Enjoy natural urine drinking while maintaining the atmosphere of the scene.

Male urine that is poured vigorously by the reaction of patience
Sister who takes it with her mouth and cannot hide the shock
Still, I did my best little by little and urinated my urine from my throat to my stomach ...

For the 3rd and 4th cuts, let's drink all the amount accumulated in the glass
2 cuts by pulling and leaning
You can clearly see how he drinks real urine.
And then, tears overflowing from the eyes ...
At the same time, regret seems to be overflowing ...


But I still have one more cut of urine!

Next time in the bathroom
It's time for a large amount of urination in the mouth without worrying about getting your clothes wet!
Ruthlessly mercilessly showered on a drawn face
Hell with a yellow tint in the mouth ...
Super rare images that can only be seen here
Please enjoy until the end !!

After enjoying drinking urine thoroughly
I'm gonna finish it up
Sister laughs that her pee made her voice strange
Please mellow with thick semen

While talking, I feel chewy
What position to ejaculate
Up to the meeting scene
Recorded as is without cutting

Beautiful things (sister's face)
Dirty things (Ji Po) collaborate on the same screen

Take a large amount of semen that is launched with your mouth
This is the worst shooting that didn't come!

I was hungry but I lost all my appetite ...
The whole story of the older sister
Please enjoy it!

1920 × 1080 mp4 About 6.8Mbps

Recording time 30 minutes 23 seconds

* It has been confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with laws and regulations, and we publish and sell it with the consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images and videos is prohibited.

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