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I'm going out in the afternoon
An older sister who met at an early meeting in the morning

In that case, high
Pee accumulated in bed while sleeping
Piss in the morning without leaving the toilet
It is customary to pour it into your mouth w

Called "bitter...!" for the first experience of drinking urine
A shock more than I imagined that I would spit out unexpectedly

5 scenes of drinking urine
Drinking scene 1

Please enjoy this time as well m( )m

Well, first of all, the usual interview
Apparently while Corona is calm
It seems that you came to travel a little bit here

For pocket money to buy souvenirs
I'm going to drink the morning piss of a man I just met!
I have never urinated before
Let's shoot a genuine drinking urine first experience scene!

First of all, have your mouth open
Piss there.
In your! yellow!

I haven't taken Oro Min C
Rich yellow pee in the morning that accumulates in the mouth

Make the sound echo

Seriously drink!

This is my ongoing work to shoot this moment!
Seriously drink the urine piss coming out of the man's cock I just met! It's great just listening!

Let's keep going!
The second cut is taken by pulling the whole body

Urinating a little more than before
It's a complete drink again

Urine gargle on the third cut
Rattle with urine accumulated in my mouth
This is absolutely urine in the whole mouth!

It is perfect that you can see the empty mouth after drinking and actually drink it

Please cup the fourth scene!

Of course, the yellow urine from the morning gathers in a transparent glass, and it goes into your sister's mouth, throat, and stomach.

The image of emptying the glass and the glass is full of spectacular!

Finally, in the bathroom, pour all the rest of the bladder
Use your sister's mouth like a toilet!
"What's that mouth?" "...toilet."
Let me say something like w

Pissing vigorously!!

Geho!! Goho!!

Piss jumping out of the mouth
Is it too strong, too much, or too dark? It is also a highlight to see it spit out unintentionally.

I took the same scene once because I spit it out w
This time around.

The thing that accumulates in the mouth is really yellow, and the inside of the mouth is yellow.

I have not changed the color!
The color of the material itself!

Finally, I drunk it all the way up in my mouth and finished drinking urine.

It looks hot...

Well, let's drink sperm and go home at the end!
This older sister, Cum, also seems to be the first time,

I was able to capture the appearance of semen passing through my throat for the first time in my life!

Cum swallowing all the pure white semen that jumped out without pausing due to premature premature ejaculation with my mouth!

With a lot of urine and semen in my stomach
Please enjoy sightseeing today!

1920×1080 mp4 About 7Mbps

Recording time 27 minutes 01 seconds

*It has been confirmed that the model is 18 years old or older.
*We comply with laws and regulations and publish and sell it with the consent.
*Unauthorized reproduction of images and videos is prohibited.

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