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Heart of Toilet -first part-


Heart of Toilet -first part-
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Take out the tip from the pants instead of greeting and stand in front of the face as it is
Urinate dirty urine aged in the bladder into its mouth!

The prey of such an act this time is a very neat and serious sister with a good personality.

He hasn't been drinking pee before ...
Challenge urine drinking for the first time this time!
Eg in the throat and smell in the nose ...

Still go for it

Good luck! !

is the best

Interview with a neat personality and first drinking urine instead of greeting while wearing clothes,
The first part where you can enjoy the shameful nude scene and immediate insertion

Slowly enjoy a large amount of urine in a cup, catch urine in the bathroom as a toilet bowl,
After that, it's the second part that includes a lot of H until you take a lot of semen on your face

By all means, please enjoy mixing before and after!

Well, from the meeting to the hotel
A young lady feeling that can be transmitted just by talking a little
A nice woman who can be caring and polite

But if you talk well
In fact, he likes H ... and said he was curious about drinking urine
Indeed, was your sister having both a neat and erotic system!

Then take off your pants immediately
I will put out a tip in front of my face

"I'm thrilled"
On his lips, telling him in front of him
The first bite is poured slightly

The urine of a just-encountered man who collects yellow in his mouth
Well, let's drink it!
"... gokku"
Throat sound recorded by a directional microphone
"Awesome ... scent of pee ..."
"I understand the feeling of the toilet"
"I wanted to clean it more than usual."

Just this comment
You can see how good people are!

I'll give you more and more!
This time with a drawing, it is in the throat!
"Goo ho! Go ho! Ga ho ...!"
Still tearing eyes!

Lol I got a good scene

Take off your urine-smelling clothes
Next time naked viewing party
After looking closely at the hole of the ass and ass

Two nudes holding hands and kissing
When you entangle your tongue with
I got licked because the tip became excited and hardened

Mouth is also very comfortable
I want to taste the real thing below quickly and I can not stand it!

A part of my body
In the body to the sister who just met
It will be buried with Zubub
I'm already wet!

If you shake your hips while connected
A louder voice sounds on the bed than expected.

This is the first part.

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Recording time 23 minutes 33 seconds

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* Unauthorized reproduction of images and videos is prohibited.

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