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Neat Freak -first part-


Neat Freak -first part-
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Why do not you have a pee?

Negotiate with 20-year old sister, and then establishment
Besides, her older sister is extremely hygienic who can not put her foot on the bathroom floor !!

It is already feeling that the actors have gathered
I just got older (now I'm 18 years old ......?), Pretty, plus it is cleanliness!
I can not let such an older sister take a piss!

Drinking was not good at the first promise, yeah, yeah that's right ...
Even just imagining that a child with cleanliness drinks pee of others is shivering

We promise only H photography and meet

Brilliant and cute pretty child has come!
The way to the hotel, I will introduce a brief self-introduction, but I have hardly heard it!

I want to make you drink ... I really want you to have a piss!
Only that will run around in the brain!

Even after entering the room, persistent negotiations continued even after the camera turned ... ... finally won the YES!

Sister who really cares for his first experience
Just bringing in the vicinity of your mouth will make your body shy away from terror.
Please have a look, do not have anything! No fake! Real piss! It is your sister's first drinking urine!

Well, the scale has exceeded 40 minutes so I divided it into two files
I would be happy if you can watch it together


I came in to the hotel after meeting
It is a sister with a gentle atmosphere, taking pleasure

Actually, the way from the meeting to the hotel
I tried whisping lightly as there is also a photograph of a pee system ......

Er, urgent, scoring a point
My sister who negotiates with absolutely and shakes his heart little by little
In the final confirmation at the interview, "Yes"
It seems to try challenging urine to drink!

I did it!

I do not know what will happen because I have never really done it
We negotiated with the condition (?) That it was!

Where I have decided to give a urination
Let's take off your clothes too!
Shy awkwardness is also pretty, naked among all sorts

Shaped good boobs also appealed over the shoes and their ass in the shrine!

Okay. Go to bed
Let's shoot the first experience of drinking urine
I hate it when the accessories get wet, so I will remove them
Something like that is nice too

Sister in the face ichi says that "scary scary" when it approaches this
Such mouth ...... In the depths of the lips who made it worse ......

Joggetsuchiro ~~~~

I drink urine twice

Impression of the first experience and reaction in main volume!

Second part

Challenge the third drinking urine while sleeping!
Have a big mouth opened and pour dirty urine

I'm so excited.

At the end is a bathroom, a challenge to mass urination in the mouth
Like a somewhere av
Pissing urine is urgent urin into your sister's mouth!
I will endure plenty as I stand by for taking pictures

Always make that toilet act
Today in your sister's mouth ... I was able to take a good picture!

Resetting from digestion of shock with gargle and shower
Let's finish H at last
First let me have it big with a blowjob
Sister who is the very first to meet you will rub against one another.

I soon got moist and well inserted not even my boyfriend!
If you kiss as it is, erotic baby elder sister who moves her waist and rubs it!

I saw this as H love!

Repeating breasts with rubbing pistons
The older sister who will become comfortable seriously
Realistic pant voice will inflate more in the vagina

At last we feel crazy with each other hugging together!
It was her older sister who did not leave me holding it for a while even after I shake it!

1920 × 1080 mp 4

Recording time Part 1 part 19 minutes 55 seconds
Second part 20 minutes 33 seconds

※ We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
※ We comply with laws and regulations and publish · sell under agreement.
※ Unauthorized reproduction of images, movies, etc. is prohibited.

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