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Cheeky GAL came!
I draw pictures on the important body I got from my parents ... ... It is a bit of a shame!

To such a child, we have to give a piss to teach the severity of society.

Actually I do not want to do such a thing, but I have to make her drink a crying weep for her!

First refused completely at first!
Such impossible, I feel bad!
Let's absolutely disgust

It's Sorya likely
But negotiating deeply with my IKIBO (Yokichi and Dogeza)

I heard he is drinking ...

Wow, it is awesome to use the inside of the young child's mouth as a toilet!
Oh no, it is different ... ... What is the severity of society, um, what is it?

Well, today I say that 18 years old will come, so start shooting with a single lens reflex with a high lens put in high spirits

Everyone, let's stop a single eye for gonzo shoot!

· Incompatible
· Heavier than anything

It is charming that it is changed to usual cheap video camera on the way

However, it is merit that I brought two, it drinks urine scene and H scene, too, it is holding simultaneously!

Reactions and facial expressions when urinator enters the mouth for the first time, can be taken properly!

Urine and reaction are perfect real
Lies, pseudo and acting have no meaning, so they will not shoot

I want to enjoy the real reaction of 18 years old I made it with a whole heart
Please try this opportunity by all means

I will also H after drinking urine
There is no reason not to be inserted since 18 years old is in front of you!

I'm panting with a cute voice, but somewhere over there

If you hear it, it's okay if the urine is too shocking

So much !? haha

After shooting ,,,

Thank you for today, if you ask again please drink !?

No matter how many millions are piled it will not do it again!

1920 × 1080 mp 4

Recording time 22 minutes 16 seconds

※ We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
※ We comply with laws and regulations and publish · sell under agreement.
※ Unauthorized reproduction of images, movies, etc. is prohibited.

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