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Strange OL


Strange OL
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It is poison in such a world that wants to say "the last of Heisei" if it says something!

It is the last Heisei urine work release!
I'm sorry I could not release it on the 20th ... but it was good to be in time for Heisei

No, this time again my sister who applied for "interesting". It's okay if you don't have to take a picture for a short while ...

It is urine
I drink piss, pee of strangers!

The world is over ...
I would like to be able to take urine of cute girls in such a condition even if I get reckless!

Well, before affair aside
What came to me today is a little mysterious OL from work

Instead of a little glass of beer
He came for a bit full of drinking man's piss!

It seemed that he was interested and wanted to be photographed
Listen to the contents and be surprised!
But it seems like I decided to try my best

Move to bed immediately
I stand by Ji ○ in front of my sister who just met
Slightly away from the mouth
Close-up shot of urinals coming out directly from Ji ○
I will be poured into the mouth of the sister who opened widely

Dirty piss collected in the mouth
I can not swallow easily while distorting my face to pain
I drank something while I was almost vomiting

Apparently today's pee seems a little sweet lol

In the empty mouth
Let's urinate again

Now pull to the position where the two people's body is reflected
We excrete in the same way as we do for the toilet bowl

Other people's urine collected in the mouth
After all it seems hot when swallowing

Now that it is bitter

Next I will drink in the bright bathroom!
Sister who came down tension little by little
The third urine intake
Shots taken in the mouth after swallowing

I got a nice reaction that it is crazy!

By the way, the fourth time is drinking urine with the prepared cup

Have your sister hold a glass so as not to flame out
Urination in the same position
Dark yellow urine collected in a glass
Of course I will drink as it is uncut
Yellow piss passing through the throat
I can hear the noise

When it comes here
My sister only looks like a toilet bowl

The last is urine left in the bladder
It shoots energetically to all sisters and it is the end of photography

Could you enjoy the last Heisei urination
Thank you also for your order!

1920 x 1080 mp4 about 12.5Mbps

Duration 15 minutes 57 seconds

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