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The title is as follows.
That is the contents of that lol

Well, I was patiently tolerated, the bladder limit
It's 90% bukkake on your sister 's face, pissed up in the morning!
The remaining 10% was mixed with yoghurt and made to eat lol

Probably, the problem which made humiliated to the highest ever
By all means, please!

Well, this older sister
In other words, it is a system person who does whatever you do
Last time I also drank mixed juice of sperm and urine and haha

That's why I also like urinating, drinking urine and H as well this time, of course
It is said to shower massive sperm put out on the face with more urine
That is such a project.

To the "face" which is the symbol of that person
Bringing dirty urine as excrement
It is said to be urine cumshot

It may be good to have a conquest to get drunk
It is also good to bump on your face, Chiko rains

Because I will do terrible things today
A gentle servant who will buy yogurt before entering the hotel
Turn your camera to your older sister who is willing to eat at once.

As it is, I take off my pants
Pissing urine in yogurt in!

Let me eat everything because it is a wasteful yellowish cloudy yogurt lol
Because it tastes sweetness and bitter mixed and it tastes good
Next time I will urinate directly in my mouth and I will give you only Piss!
If it hangs on clothes, if it got dirty anyway
Today I will put on clothes without removing H
Do not caress, thrust suddenly and shake your waist

It's the second time we meet and awkward communication is good
Rather than feces pissing on my face earlier, I handle it somewhat lol

That's why I shake my face as much as I can.
Lots of rich semen, muddy on your face

Well well, from here is the main dish of the day

You have to clean up a thick sperm that has soiled the face in large numbers
It seems I can not open my eyes so I pulled out my hand
Move to bathroom

Stand as it is with a dirty face in front of Chiko

to go!
Take out!
I will pee!

Just as I had patience
A large amount of urine to the face is parabolic

Eyes / nose / mouth
Both cheeks and eyebrows are full of urine
Sperm that had so much clinging to it
It is totally beautiful with urine cumshot!

By the way, I had not taken off my clothes today as well.
Dress up to clothes haha
How do you go home?

Pull out from the side Change the camera
I will continue sucking piss on my face more and more!

Did it flow too much into your mouth and throat
Geehogeho Gohogochi and a sister who seems to suffer
Is that so ... I am refreshing!

The last time, the urine remaining in the bladder with face up is
It's all over with bukkake!

No, I am a big wet sister with my urine
As I saw it, I got smell something
I will be back soon lol

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Recording time 14 minutes 14 seconds

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