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Mixed Juice


Mixed Juice
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When you mix piss and semen, it turns into a mild color
Then taste too much mellow ... is not it is not it

Today's older sister also responded with teary eyes vomiting
Of course, today's first experience of drinking urine

Piss with a stubbornly stuffed chest
I will do my best with Gokungokun

In between photographs and at the end it looks like they disgustingly feel bad ......

This time, in addition to regular drinking urine
Finally I had my sperm-containing piss drunk!

No fake, mix puree and sperm mix juice
Please enjoy plenty

Well, the meeting was a little warmer in the afternoon of the day

I will go straight to the hotel and listen to your sister's personality
I was relieved by a friendly person who looks good in personality
It is that it is worthwhile to give a drink of urine lol

I got naked soon, first from practice.
I will urinate as much as I keep it
Yellow liquid spilled in the cup
THE Peeing is feeling

Now let's get away from your mouth, let's treat your sister as a toilet and piss.
Jororo Roro and urination sounded in the room
Peece accumulated in the mouth a lot
It sounds good, it goes through the throat and gokuri, it sounds good, is not it

Sister of a tearful eyes seems to be surprised by throat and stomach in the first experience
It looks like I'm getting hurt.
After that I got out sprinkling directly to the toilet

I took a little break and this time I took a picture with drawing
Peece a lot again to the mouth, next time I will drink a whole lot of garglia

Let's go on and on
Next time I will get asleep and urinate inside my mouth as it is
Yellow man with a smell urine collected in your mouth
Have the rattles gargle as it is
The taste and smell of urine sticks to the mouth and throat, it's allergic! It is all urine to drink!

Let's drink again in the cup at the end.
We mix not only pee but also sperm and make mixed juice
I want to put out sperm
Older sister's owl Please borrow this a little bit
While holding pee, H is hot but it is a pleasant feeling

Pick up the cup that you brought
Pee in the inside as it is in
It's amazing to have it drunk ─

The last thing is a serious spirit with a crawl running into the toilet ... ...!
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Recording time 22 minutes 31 seconds

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